December 2016

Priceless Memories ~ Family Pictures 2016

Last month, we got together, once again, with our favorite photographer, Dawn Geraghty, for our annual family pictures session. As always, she did not disappoint with the amazing shots  & moments she captured of our little family.

We love working with the natural light & elements outdoors, and Dawn does a fantastic job of capturing that vision. We are also just absolutely blown away by how much Liam has grown since last year. That is one of the main reason’s why I ensure we do these pictures annually because our little man is definitely changing right before our eyes. I want to capture every moment that I can ❤


You can contact Dawn at: // facebook: Dawn Geraghty Photography //


We were anticipating this would be a fab session, so while we had his Kindergarten pics taken with his school, we really didn’t invest in a package with them. Instead, Dawn captured this image & it really show’s Liam’s true personality…..


Total silliness but LOVE it ❤


And, some more gorgeous updated shots ….




Here is a look back on the family pics from the last few year’s:

2014 \\ 2015


Until next time!

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December 2015, Latest & Greatest News

Priceless Memories — Family Pictures 2015

Last month, I made the boys dress up in color-coordinated happiness, so we could update our family pics. I was so happy to be able to have our photography session, once again, with our friend & family photographer, Dawn Geraghty. She is so talented and literally, the BEST to work with!

 You can contact her at: // facebook: Dawn Geraghty Photography //



We were so happy to include our fur baby, Timber, this time around in the session. He is an important part of our family, and we hadn’t done pics with him since Liam’s newborn shoot. The boys were such good sports, as we’ve had an unseasonably hot winter here in Florida. I picked out these “warm” outfits for us, and we all were dripping with sweat out at the park. LOL! …oops! I promised Stephen that next year we will wear shorts 😉 …although, seriously, are you not loving little man’s tie?!?!




I almost can’t handle the cuteness overload with this one of both boys…..


You can check out last year’s pics HERE.

Until next time, friends!

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December 2014, Latest & Greatest News

Priceless Memories — Family Pictures

Last month, we were thrilled to be able to meet up with our friend and fantastic photographer, Dawn Geraghty, for an updated family photo session. You all know that I am a photo freak, so there is nothing better than having updated family pics! For us, it had definitely been a while, and we could not have asked for a better afternoon!

She is a wonderful photographer & we are in love with these pics ❤

You can find her at: // facebook: Dawn Geraghty Photography

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Since we did this right before the holidays, we got in a few Christmas shots, too 🙂

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Until next friends!