April 2014, Latest & Greatest News

Our Easter EGG-Stravaganza!

Believe it, or not, I started this post about 3 weeks ago. It was definitely not my intention to be just sharing about our super fun Easter holiday almost a month after the fact, but it’s been crazy times around Casa de Murphy, peeps. Both Stephen & I have been working hard & on the weekends, swim lessons are still in full swing, and life has been charging on ๐Ÿ™‚

Liam got to participate in his 1st real Easter Egg Hunt with our Meet Up Group of friends, the Sunshine Babies. This is a super fun group of parents and we really enjoy spending time with them! He had a blast!

2014-04-19_MeetUp Group Easter Egg Hunt 029

2014-04-19_MeetUp Group Easter Egg Hunt 022

2014-04-19_MeetUp Group Easter Egg Hunt 010

The park we went to was in Baldwin Park. Really great space & this fountain was beautiful. Of course, little man was hamming it up for the camera.

2014-04-19_MeetUp Group Easter Egg Hunt 012

Special buddies since they were babies…so cute!…Kenadie & Liam

2014-04-19_MeetUp Group Easter Egg Hunt 018

Family pic!

2014-04-19_MeetUp Group Easter Egg Hunt 020

The Easter Bunny came!! …all of Liam’s current favs…Thomas the Train, Toy Story & Tinkerbell.

2014-04-20_Easter 007

The Easter Bunny hid some eggs in the yard for Liam. He also plantedย  lolly pops in the ivy…WOW! ๐Ÿ™‚

2014-04-20_Easter 002

2014-04-20_Easter 011

A couple of eggs had treats for Timber in them. The boys were sharing them directly after coming inside. HA!

2014-04-20_Easter 015

We had dinner with Grammy & Papa Rock on Easter. It was also great to spend time with my Grampy (Liam’s Great Grampy). The Easter Bunny got a tad bit carried away with his delivery here…lol.

2014-04-20_Grammy Easter

Liam was SUPER excited (hence this expression below on his face) to see that he got an Olaf from Frozen. We are loving that movie in our house right now.

2014-04-20_Easter 021

He had also been asking us EVERY day (really, NOT joking about this) for a vacuum. He had one that was a hand-me-down from one of our friend’s & it recently broke. This kid loved to use that vacuum around the house and was pretty upset about it. So, every day, he had been telling me he needed ย a new vacuum, and he wanted one like our Dyson vacuum. Well, unbelievably, they actually make a toy version of our Dyson Animal that we’ve had for years. It was love at 1st sight ๐Ÿ™‚

2014-04-20_Easter 024

The afternoon would not have been complete without another egg hunt, right?!?!

Such a sweet picture between Liam & his Great Grampy!

2014-04-20_Easter 031

And, if this little dude is not spoiled enough…..

He got ANOTHER Easter basket from his Mimi & Papa D. He loved his Mickey cup, puppy & the baking set for his kitchen.

2014-04-26_mimi easter basket collage

2014-04-26_baking set

It was really exciting for us to see Liam get into the Easter holiday this year. He enjoyed all the decorations and the eggs (and, most surprising for me…the CANDY…lol). ย I guess it’s another sign of the times….our baby is getting bigger…growing up some more!

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday, as well!


Until next time……….

December 2013, Latest & Greatest News

Holiday Magic

Where is this month going, people!?!? Good grief…I can hardly believe Christmas is in less than a week. So much happening in such a short time.

Last week, Liam had “Santa’s Workshop” at daycare {school}. This is the 1st time they have done this and to be honest, I questioned why it was even being done at his age group. I mean, I remember doing this in like, elementary school…taking a few dollars to school to buy presents for mom & dad. Realistically, there is no way a 2 year old is going to understand this concept of shopping for us on his own.

Buuut, me being me ….I didn’t want him to miss out on anything OR feel left out if others in his class went, so we sent him to school on the designated morning with a couple bucks. The report we got back was that one of the teachers helped him to shop & he enjoyed himself. When I asked him that evening how it went, all he remembered was that he ‘touched the tree’ …he LOVES Christmas trees this year, so he was thrilled to see the school’s tree set up in the workshop & apparently he got to touch it. That topped the shopping experience. Ha! Here’s a few pics the school took of it, though, so that was cool.

2013-12-10_Santa Workshop_2

2013-12-10_Santa Workshop_1

The 3 presents he bought us were wrapped & sent home with him. So cute! Now, the story gets more fun. In the spirit of the season, I placed them under the tree when we got home that night, and we began to go about our nightly routine. Let me pause to mention that there were no other presents under the tree. The way we’ve decided to work things in Casa de Murphy is similar to how it was for us growing up. Santa brought all the presents. {Honestly, as a kid, I thought that’s how everyone did it, but as an adult, I’m finding out everyone’s traditions are vastly different…I could write a post just on THIS topic down the road.} Anyhow, Liam was in the living room watching Mickey & we were in the kitchen chatting. Next thing I know, we hear…..riiiiip….’umm, what was that?’ ….RIIIIP …..Yeap, we look into the living room to find our little man sitting next to the tree TEARING OPEN those three little presents ….our three little presents that he bought us. LOL!!!

I said, “Liam, what are you doing?”

“I, open” — with a big grin

“But, those are what you got mommy & daddy for Christmas”

“No, for Liam”

So, we just laughed, and let him go. Stephen got a cute Christmas coffee mug. I got a gingerbread picture frame and a pretty fashion necklace that I will proudly wear to work.

The best part is when he opened the necklace, he goes, “OH, I LOVE IT!!” and put it on! That was the cutest ever. I managed to snap a quick pic of that moment.

2013-12-12_love it_necklace

Last weekend, we went down to see Grammy & Papa Rock. It was a really fun day for Liam. Grammy had surgery recently so we haven’t been able to see her in a while while she’s been resting, so we let the two of them spend some quality time together and he loved it….they both did ๐Ÿ™‚

2013-12-14_Santa Boots

Santa also came a little early this week for Liam from Grammy & Papa Rock. Since he has been quite the little chair stealer of Daddy’s lazy boy, we thought it would be fun to get him a little chair of his own. A few friends have this one from Pottery Barn Kids & I fell in love with it, so Liam is one lucky little dude to be able to have his very own, too.

2013-12-15_Anywhere Chair

2013-12-15_new chair

We have some fun things planned over these next few days. I hope to have some more posts up between now & Christmas for you!!


I know I need to take my own advice on this, too …but we should take time out from all the hustle & bustle of this crazy time and enjoy the MAGIC of the season …..enjoy your family & friends…those you hold dear & love.

December 2013

Love You Always, Grammy

It’s hard to believe that it’s been two years since my Grammy left us. To be honest, I don’t even like to call attention to this day because it was honestly one of the saddest & hardest days of my life, so far …and it’s not one I like to remember. But, like any other person who has lost a loved one, you can’t help but remember that time. So, I am choosing to celebrate her today, as I do every day. There’s not a day that has gone by since her passing that I haven’t thought about her. And I know she would be pissed off at me if I spent today being sad….so I will do my best to not be.

Last night, I spent some time looking through photos. I can’t write a lot today or else I will cry, but I wanted to share some memories here with you….


I totes remember these pink snow boots ๐Ÿ™‚ …me & Bobby having fun way back in the day with Grammy. She loved us like we were her own babies, and for that, I will forever be grateful….



These are from our wedding in April 2002. She & Grampy LOVED to dance….and they were great at it. Like Fred & Ginger!



2013-07-03_baby and grammy

I don’t have a lot of pics from when I was pregnant but I am so glad I have this one. This was taken just a few weeks before Liam made his grand entrance.

2011-08-04_with great grammy

Here is Grammy holding & feeding Liam when he was just a few days old. Words cannot express just how thankful I am that she was able to meet him & spend the 1st few months of his life with him. It breaks my heart that he will never remember it, but I will have these pictures to one day ย tell him about her when he’s old enough. I take comfort in knowing that she is still with us in spirit & watching over us. I hope that she can “see” what an amazing child he is turning out to be. I know she would love him!

2011-10-01_with Great Grammy

This is the last picture I have of all of us together.

Grammy and Grampy Wedding Pic

This is my Grammy & Grampy’s wedding picture from May 3, 1952. And, this is the laminated copy that my Grampy carry’s around in his wallet. It’s the sweetest thing ever, PLUS it’s an awesome picture. Sorry this isn’t the best quality pic & my thumb is showing, but I literally took a picture of his picture…ha! Ever since I was a little girl, I admired their marriage & relationship. I’m sure it wasn’t perfect….no one’s is. They made it work, though…for over 50 years. I can only hope Stephen & I can have as many years together, as they had.


Love you, Grammy & miss you so much!!

August 2013, Latest & Greatest News

Latest & Greatest News — Another Weekend Gone By

Once upon a time, I remember telling Stephen that we would need to be sure to always plan fun things to do with Liam because I didn’t want to always sit around the house with him on the weekends. I guess a part of me was worried he would be bored or we would be bad parents or something crazy like that……well, I don’t even think we’ve had to TRY to be busy this summer. It’s just been happening on it’s own. NOT complaining, though… Just amazed at how fast time has gone by and how busy we really have been without really trying to be. Definitely not the norm for this Murphy clan prior to little Liam Michael entering the picture ๐Ÿ™‚

On Saturday afternoon, I got to have some fun celebrating a good friend’s upcoming addition to her family. It was a surprise shower so that made it even more exciting…any of you who know me, know it was super hard for me to keep this a secret!

2013-08-24_kendra baby shower collage

Saturday night, Daddy & Liam had some fun in the living room & put together Liam’s 1st fort. He had a blast hanging out, watching some cartoons before bed, and enjoying some cookies & milk!

2013-08-24_1st fort

We took a much anticipated trip to Grammy’s on Sunday for a belated birthday celebration for Liam. It was an invasion of the Little People!! We discovered that Fisher Price had the INSANE (in my humble opinion) idea to change the figures of the Little People …say bye bye to the fat, chunky people. You are now seeing skinny people with big heads in the new sets. I personally don’t like it and refuse to have two sets for Liam. So, since we’ve been huge fans of Little People for our little guy, we already put in an order with Santa and Grammy & Papa Rock went ย a tad crazy (in a good way)….LOL.

Liam loved it, though! We’ve had a hard time getting him a way from his new friends this week.

Thank you to Grammy & Papa Rock!

2013-08-25_bday presents collage at grammys

2013-08-26_playing with toys

Hope you all are having a great week! Until next time…..