February 2015, Latest & Greatest News

Valentine’s Wrap-Up

Last week was a lot of fun in Casa de Murphy….naturally, there was a lot of EXTRA love floating around, as we celebrated Valentine’s Day โค

Liam was super excited to have a party at school on Friday, as well as exchange Valentine’s with his friends. I had found two different Valentine’s that I thought he would like, but this is the one he picked:


2015-02-14_Bubble Class Valentine

I found this awesome FREE PDF to use for the Valentine card from Simply Modern Mom. I bought a 24-pk of bubble sticks from Target for $3.99 and found a fun roll of washi tape, also at Target to tape the sticks to the card. It was perfect!

2015-02-14_Teacher Valentines

I brought back last year’s fav bag toppers from Makoodle to use for our teacher’s gifts. This, again, is another awesome FREE PDF. I am so in love with Liam’s enthusiasm of the holidays this year! He was SO into walking around all the rooms and hand-delivering these bags….it was THE cutest!! โค

For a look back on what we were up to last year for Valentine’s, check out our post here.


I was so tickled when I found Liam’s Valentine’s shirt from last year in his closet and realized it would still fit him this year. Ya know it’s just these little things that make us mommy’s super happy, right?!?!

2015-02-14_Valentine Comparison

And, just for a little bit of lovingย  nostalgia of this heart-filled holiday, here’s a look back on our other Valentine’s with little man:

2013 vday

2012 vday


On Friday morning, before we headed out the door, I couldn’t help myself on the cuteness overload โค & snagged a quick pic {thanks, Daddy!}

2015-02-14_Liam and Mommy


After school on Friday, Liam had a ball looking at all his little Valentine’s from his friends, and a few from his teacher, Ms. Tamie. I loved that he listened very carefully, as I told him who each Valentine was from ๐Ÿ™‚

2015-02-14_Liams Valentine Loot

Valentine’s Day morning started out as ย a sweet one. We had a few gifts for Liam to open when he woke up. He has really been into the Duplo Legos, lately, so he got a new set, as well as pretty cool Hulk mug that we found at Target.

2015-02-14_Vday morning

Stephen surprised me with this totally awesome black & white canvas painting of a picture of my two boys โค ….definitely an understatement to say that I am in love with it!

vday canvas art

This was done by a local artist, Nikki Bentley. For info on prices or how to order, you can contact her atย Bentleyspawprints@yahoo.com


I am not going to post pictures or get into much detail, but since it happened & I am about sharing our “real” life here….I will tell you that ad mist this crazy love fest of Vday, we had an unfortunate accident later in morning on Saturday. My poor sweet baby splashed very hot water on his arm in the kitchen & got a 2nd degree burn ๐Ÿ˜ฆ …it was a scary incident but happy to report he is okay. We have a few weeks of healing ahead of us, but he is doing great. It was heart-breaking to see him in so much pain, though. I feel horrible that it happened and so many times wish I could re-do the whole situation, but I guess that’s why we call them “accidents”. Still hurts my heart.

The funny thing is that after we left the urgent care center, and we were on our way home….I was planning an afternoon of rest {well, at least, in my head}. I {honestly} felt like we were all emotionally spent by that point and it wasn’t even noon, yet! However, when everything happened, we had been preparing to leave to go to Sea World and Liam knew this. Sooo, he actually cried so hard in the car {again} when we told him that we didn’t think Sea World was going to happen, afterall. By that point, neither of us could watch him cry anymore, so we caved ๐Ÿ™‚ ….and decided to just go for a few hours. He was all bandaged up, and it seemed to really lift his spirits and take his mind off of what had happened. So…. win! I took a few cute pics, as this was our 1st family trip there, and will share those later this week.


We hope you all had a fantastic Valentine’s Day weekend! Until next time, friends!


February 2015, Latest & Greatest News

Valentine’s Fun for the Little Ones

Hi Friends! I’m sharing two super fun posts over on Orlando Mom’s Blog to get you & your little one’s ready for Valentine’s Day โค


The 1st one is a LOVE ย Art Canvas Project that you can check out here.

Love Art Canvas_OMB

The 2nd project is cute AND magical! Definitely sure to get some giggles ๐Ÿ™‚ …It is Growing Heart Lollipops and you can check it out here.

Heart Lollipops_OMB

2015-01-20_Vday Lollipop Garden_BLOG

We had SO MUCH FUN with both of these projects! ๐Ÿ™‚

Until next time!!


July 2014, Latest & Greatest News

Happy 3rd Birthday Liam!

Happy 3rd Birthday, our sweet little man, Liam Michael!

We love you SO much & are so proud of the strong individual you are becoming. It is definitely amazing to watch you grow right before our very eyes. Many times, I wish I could freeze time & hold you tight just a little longer before you take that next forward ๐Ÿ™‚ …you are the light Mommy & Daddy’s lives!

2014-07-28_36 months teddy bear pic

A few nights ago, we sat down & “interviewed” Mr. Liam. That was pretty fun. He was both very thoughtful & serious with his answers. HA! We are going to start doing that from now on each year on his birthday.


I found this FREE printable interview sheet here via Pinterest (my fav!).

Other notable things these days….

1. He has started to do “pretend play” with his toys. He will talk to (or among) his toys as he is playing. Cutest darn thing. You can hear him making up stories now as he is playing.

2. He wants to do everything himself… or at least try. Makes for some difficult decisions, at times, but we manage. Gone are the days when I can pick out his outfits, too (insert my sad face…LOL).

3. Most recently, we have entered what I’ve been calling the “why” phase. He has started asking “why” to EVERYthing. Since we don’t want to diminish his inquisitiveness, we are answering him as best we can, but oh my gosh, dude….sometimes, it’s just because we said so ๐Ÿ™‚


Thanks to my obsession with Pinterest, we put a bunch of balloons in his room last night while he was sleeping and streamers on his door so he had something fun to wake up to this morning. He also got his present from us — his 1st watch (he had requested that).

When he came into our room this morning after waking up, he said: “Santa brought me balloons & a present” ….hahahaha! That was so cute!

2014-07-31_bday fun wake up collage

Lots of fun planned for this little man the next few days. I’m sure he’ll be all tuckered out by the end of the weekend ๐Ÿ˜‰


December 2013, Latest & Greatest News

Our Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas, everyone! Hope yours was a good one! We had a nice, quiet holiday, this year.

Mr. Elf made his last appearance on Christmas Eve by bringing Liam a bucket of reindeer food. While we tried to move him about once a day throughout this last month, we definitely didn’t go crazy with this little guy, as Liam was just starting to “get it” with him. Most mornings as we got closer to Christmas, he would ask where Mr Elf was, so I would say he enjoyed him. We also kept the whole experience with the elf fun & light-hearted, so I think that helped. For us, it was more about finding the elf everyday and not that he was “watching” Liam. I’ve actually felt a little bad these last few days, as he’s asked where he was a few times & I don’t think he understands that he doesn’t come back ’till next year. However, we did have a good time sprinkling the reindeer food out in the front yard before bedtime on Christmas Eve. My flash on my camera was being testy so unfortunately I didn’t get a good pic to share. I got the idea here from a pin off of Pinterest. I ended up finding the cute reindeer buckets at the dollar spot at Target the week before Christmas so it worked out perfect!

2013-12-24_Mr Elf_Reindeer Food 004

Christmas Eve, we just hung out at home & did a few fun things like putting up Christmas window clings & baking cookies for Santa.

2013-12-24_Christmas Eve Fun 003

That evening, we headed over to Stephen’s family for dinner. Liam got to visit with his aunt Heather & new baby cousin, Sierra — it’s her 1st Christmas ๐Ÿ™‚

2013-12-24_Christmas Eve

When we got home, it was PJ time, feeding the reindeer, and putting out milk & cookies for Santa. As soon as the plate of snacks were set out, we didn’t even blink before little man was helping himself to the treats! LOL …it was so cute that we just let him go…he enjoyed a cookie AND some milk!! I guess you could say that he wanted to make sure that tasted okay for Santa ๐Ÿ˜‰

2013-12-24_Santas Cookies and Milk 001

Once he was fast asleep…..SANTA.FINALLY.CAME!!

2013-12-24_Santa Came 003

Liam’s big gift this year was a tricycle. I spent a long time scouring over Craigslist trying to find one that we thought he would like. We knew we didn’t want to buy it brand new because (a) if you look hard enough, you can find great deals on Craigslist and (b) we weren’t entirely sure he would like the tricycle so we didn’t want to splurge on it, just in case. One day, literally a few months ago, I found this Schwinn blue trike & knew it was THE one. Best of all, the family we bought it from said their son never really liked it, so he didn’t use it. It honestly looks brand new still AND it still had one of the tags on it! Definitely a steal! It was so hard to keep this hidden for months!

When we heard Liam wake up and stumble into the living room, I peaked out of our room to see his expression. He walked up to his trike & looked all around it. Then, he walked to the side of the tree and checked out the presents.

So cute!!

When he walked into our room next, the 1st thing he said was, “I got my bike! …and my presents!” ….melt your heart!

2013-12-25_I got my bike 002

Going for a test ride right away!

2013-12-25_Christmas Morning 004

Little People Wheelies track — another fave from Santa

2013-12-25_Christmas Morning 007

Papa Murphy & family sent him a Rudolph jack-in-the box. This has been a huge hit. He calls it his reindeer music box. It plays the Rudolph theme song when you wind the crank to make Rudolph pop out.

2013-12-25_Christmas Morning 010

Great Mimi was so thoughtful to send him this teddy bear. As you can see, he gave it lots of love right away!

2013-12-25_Christmas Morning 014

One of his presents was the Fisher Price Medical Kit. Here he is giving Christmas Mickey (a present from Mimi & Papa D) a check up!

2013-12-25_Christmas Boo

There was so much excitement from the morning, we were all tuckered out. Especially Timber….as you can see ๐Ÿ™‚

2013-12-25_Christmas Bike Riding 003

I’ve been trying to get some good shots of Liam riding his tricycle, as we’ve taken it out for a few spins over the last few days. Here is one pick above from Christmas day. Below is a quick snippet of him riding yesterday. If you push him around, or, as in this video below, let him go down a driveway, he gets the concept of pedaling. However, we are still working on learning how to do it solo on a flat surface. That will take some time still & that’s ok!


We hope you all had a very Merry Christmas, as well!!

Much love….the Murphy’s

December 2013, Latest & Greatest News

Countdown to Christmas

The countdown is on! Just a few days to go ๐Ÿ™‚ …are you excited?!?! Having a child definitely brings that magical feeling from your own childhood back & we are finding ourselves wanting to start re-creating memories that we once did, as well as think of new & fun traditions to start.

During the week, we were pleasantly surprised with this awesome wine gift set from Stephen’s dad & family. It comes from out their way in New Mexico, so we’re excited to try this very soon!

2013-12-17_wine xmas gift set

On Thursday night, I put together a little gift for each of Liam’s teachers. He went shopping with me earlier in the week & helped pick out the soaps. He was cute. He clearly did NOT want to be shopping {I didn’t either, really…but I’m a terrible procrastinator}, and after we picked the 1st soap, he says, “Ok, are we done now?” LOL.

I found the tags off Pinterest from a free download here, and Liam & I had fun tracing his hand print to also put with the tag!

2013-12-20_teacher xmas gift

Friday, we brought the gifts to school, and he enjoyed a holiday party with his class. Later that day, when I asked him what special snacks he had from the party, he remembered, bananas & cheese ๐Ÿ™‚

2013-12-20_Christmas Party

This was the special Christmas handprint project he made for us that he brought home on Friday. LOVE IT!!!

2013-12-20_Liam Christmas Project

Saturday evening, we headed out to a Christmas party out at the horse stables where Mimi keeps her horses. Liam LOVES animals and really loves to see the horses, so this was great fun for him. I failed epically at taking a pic this time of him petting a horse, but we also had fun walking about the property checking out all the cool decorations.

2013-12-21_Stables Nativity

After we left the stables, we stopped by Light Up UCF to check out the Christmas lights. Liam is still too small for the rides & ice skating they have there, but it was fun to walk around for a few minutes.

2013-12-21_Light Up UCF

It’s almost Merry Christmas Eve, friends!! I am really looking forward to seeing little man’s excitement over these next few days!


Until next time…..

Latest & Greatest News, September 2013

Adios September!!

the days are long but the years are short.ย make the most of it. -author unknown

I saw this quote posted today & loved it. While I think our days sometimes seem to also fly by, we definitely aim to savor each & every second together.

Well, September has packed it’s bags, huh? Gotta say that I’m kinda excited about that. This means that fall is officially here & the holiday season is upon us. I LOVE IT!! The decorations, gatherings, outings, smells, food….all of it equals fabulous fun in my book! And, the fact that Liam can understand it way more this year & get into the festiveness is an added plus!

This past weekend Liam & I headed down to spend some time with Grammy & Papa Rock. It was Grammy’s birthday last week so Liam was excited to spend some special time with her & give her the card he signed himself ๐Ÿ™‚ ….he had so much fun playing there that he couldn’t hang with me on the drive home.


On Saturday afternoon, though, I do have to mention that we did have a MONUMENTAL moment…….LIAM.ATE.CHOCOLATE

For anyone who is not familiar, Liam has refused anything with chocolate even in it since we started him on solids. We’ve kinda always jokingly wondered if he was really our kid because he’s had such a strong aversion to it. However, this weekend he asked for one of my M&M’s and I gave him one…fully expecting him to make a face & spit it out. NOPE…he ate it….happily AND asked for more…and more! A new day has dawned in Casa de Murphy, my friends….


When we got home on Saturday afternoon, Daddy surprised us with a kitchen re-do for Liam’s kitchen. This look below is now stage 2 for the Little Tikes Cook-N-Grow Kitchen. Little man had to immediately check things out. Daddy even got a cool new crate to house all his play food. So cool! I want to make a few more tweaks to this new set up, so stay tuned. I’m consulting my friend, Pinterest ๐Ÿ˜‰ HA!

2013-09-28_kitchen redo

Sunday = cleaning + bringing out the Halloween decorations! Hooray! We found this awesome Mickey Mouse Halloween t-shirt for Liam at Target. He was in love with it. If you’re wondering….yes, we already have his Halloween costume and yes, it is A-MAZING!! Keeping it under wraps for now, but I will tell you that I got the MOST incredible deal for it & got the ONE costume I wanted but didn’t think I was gonna get….More about that later.

2013-09-29_halloween mickey

A loooong time ago….literally months….we bought this Little People’s Pumpkin Patch Farm on clearance & put it away. Almost forgot about it ๐Ÿ™‚ ….Thank you, Daddy, for remembering it was up in the closet! While it’s hard to tell in the pic, all the farm animals have little Halloween masks on. Liam played with this while I was getting ready to put up the decorations.

2013-09-29_pumpkin farm

Oh man, do I ever love hearing that little voice running around the house saying, “punkin”….so cute!! He is loving all that we’ve put up to celebrate what’s coming in October. We’re hoping to have some fun filled weekends ahead, as well. How about you?

2013-09-29_ mr pumpkin