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Bye Bye Paci

I was hesitant  to  post this for awhile. Mainly for fear that I would cave & give it back or buy another one more than anything else, but I can now confidently proclaim that we in Casa de Murphy have been PACI FREE since December 11th 2013. For those of us counting, that’s a whopping 4 weeks, today!!!


2013-09-13_lone paci

Liam has slowing been destroying (biting through) paci’s and/or losing ’em over these last few months, so we had been trying to talk to him, as they disappeared, to let him know that once the last one was gone…that was it. We told him that he would be a big boy & not need one anymore. I had been stressing so bad that he would freak out once that day came. And, of course, it came on a morning that Stephen left for work early and I had little man solo. I went to wake him up for school. When I knelt down by his bed, he sat up and handed me paci and said, “paci broken”. I looked down at it and sure enough…almost the entire top of it was bitten off. Thankfully, he didn’t eat it or swallow it or whatever. Clearly, he wasn’t impressed by it.

In that moment, as dramatic as this sounds, a million thoughts ran through my mind. Mainly, “this is it” …”paci’s gone”…”let’s do this”.  Oh, and “don’t freak out on him!” ….LOL. So, I told him, “Ok, dude, if paci is broken, then let’s go into the kitchen & throw it away. No more paci. You’re a big boy now.” Crazy enough, he said ok! We changed his diaper, and then he walked into the kitchen, opened the garbage can & and threw it away. As he dropped it in, he said, “bye, paci!” LOL

That was the end of it for the morning. Nothing special. No tears. No questions. Regular routine.

Now, after school, was a different story. He wanted paci immediately at pickup. So, we had to talk about what we did that morning and I simply discussed the events step-by-step. He remembered, but wasn’t happy. He fussed but was okay. Bedtime was not cool. I admit that I couldn’t do it. It’s funny that he’s been able to do naptime at school this whole last year and never ask for paci but forget about trying to go to bed at home without it. Stephen had to be the strong one for bedtime the first few nights. There was crying people. Funny, though, because even then, there wasn’t and hasn’t been a whole lotta asking for paci…he just fights to go to bed.

Even now, a month later, he will ask me for paci and laugh…he knows it’s gone. So I laugh back. At this point, he’s making it a game. Silly boy!

However, since Paci has been such a staple in our household these last 2 1/2 years, and literally little dude’s BFF….I thought it only fitting to share some of my fave pics of them together over the years. Corny, I know…but ya gotta admit…pretty darn cute!

2011-08-25_love my paci

One month old {August 2011} — paci was the size of his little face ..HA!


February 2012 {not the best quality pic} …chunky baby snoozing away with bestie

2012-04-20_cute boy

April 2012 {9 months old} — too cute!

2012-04-05_passed out in pack n play

April 2012 {literally passed out in the pack in play while playing}

2012-11-17 Liam Michael

November 2012 {Christmas family pics} — already trying to drive

2013-05-26_road trip

May 2013 {road trip} — one cool dude

2013-12-02_Liam Claus 002

December 2013 {last picture taken with paci}


Thanks for the good times paci!! 🙂

7 thoughts on “Bye Bye Paci”

  1. OMG!!! This is quite the accomplishment for Liam!! He is the most precious child and now a real milestone has happened!! Congrats to Mom and Dad for sticking with it!! I love you all!


  2. You handled that very well! Good job Mom & Dad! Next mission, should you accept, is Diaper Demolition! Liam, you are growing up so fast!


    1. Hi Miss Kathy!! We miss you & hope you’re doing well! Liam still looks in the baby room & says, “miss kathy not here right now” 😦 ….he loves you so much!! You’re the best!


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