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Throwback Thursday: Red, White & Blue!

In honor of our upcoming Independence Day holiday tomorrow, I thought it would be fun to take a look back at the last few 4th of July’s with our little man 🙂

Today is actually “Red, White & Blue” day at school, so here’s a quick pic of him before school this morning…

2014-07-03_Patriotic Boy

Liam celebrated his 1st firecracker holiday when he was just shy of his 1st birthday. Wasn’t this just yesterday?

 2012-07-04_1st 4th of July

Last year, 2013, we were inching towards birthday number 2! We decided to venture out to Lake Eola for his 1st experience seeing fireworks. It was magical. He is already talking about it for tomorrow night 🙂

2013-07-04_4th of july with words

2013-07-04_4th of july

2013-07-04_watching fireworks

(notice an old friend, paci, in this one above? ….I have to tell you this quick story…..While looking for a lost train over the weekend, Daddy found a random paci on the floor way in the back under Liam’s bed. When we did the great paci purge, I thought I had gotten to all of them, but this little booger escaped me, apparently. He was gonna just toss it, but I told him to let Liam see it. Liam’s reaction was priceless. He started to laugh & was like, “Daddy found a paaciiii…hahahaha!!!” We asked him to throw it out & he promptly walked over to the kitchen garbage & tossed it in. Nice one! …Was I secretly a LITTLE sad that he wasn’t sad or missing it?? …I shall never tell 😉 )


We are definitely looking forward to having some fun on the 4th tomorrow. Hope you all do, as well, no matter where your travels or adventures take you! Stay safe & have a fab holiday weekend!


Awesome Fireworks!!
Awesome Fireworks!!

1 thought on “Throwback Thursday: Red, White & Blue!”

  1. It almost made Grammy cry too……LOL Just look at how much he has changed into such a beautiful little boy!


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