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Liam’s 3rd Birthday Fun

Hard to believe a whole week has gone by now, since Liam’s 3rd birthday! While Stephen & I were pretty wiped out by Sunday night, we definitely had four fun-filled days of celebration with our little guy πŸ™‚

If you caught my last post, then you know that he had a special wake-up call on his big day. Most of those balloons are still hanging around his room. Not sure we’ll ever be able to pop those little suckers….haha! He’s really enjoying them.

2014-07-31_3rd birthday morning 005

We kept his birthday day pretty mellow, and it was just the 3 of us. We ventured to the movie theatre for Liam’s very 1st experience with the “Big Screen” and chose to see Disney’s ‘Planes Fire & Rescue’. He is in love with the Cars movies, and we watch those repeatedly. We got the 1st Planes movie through our DMC, but he wasn’t as into it. Thus, we weren’t sure how this trip would go over.

2014-07-31_3rd birthday_1st movie_Planes 004

Walking into the theatre was exciting for him & we had to explain what everything was. We got lucky & had almost the entire theatre to ourselves so he could walk around. There were SO MANY previews! — that definitely was a bummer….lost his interest a bit.

2014-07-31_3rd birthday_1st movie_Planes 001

Thoroughly enjoyed the movie theatre popcorn & his Hi-C drink πŸ™‚

But folks….we only got through about 2/3 of the movie and he asked to go home….literally! Ha!

He was done. So, we headed out & went to lunch at Crispers. We’ll have to catch the end of the movie on DVD πŸ˜‰

2014-07-31_3rd birthday_1st movie_Planes 003

After nap, we headed over to Sweet by Miss Holly for our most fav cupcakes. I think you tell by this super awesome smile that we enjoyed this treat!

2014-07-31_3rd bday cupcakes_sweet 003

Later that evening, we enjoyed a visit from Mimi, Aunt Heather & cousin, Sierra. Liam was thrilled to get some awesome birthday gifts, including the Radiator Springs town from the Cars movie, as well as play with his cousin ❀

2014-07-31_3rd bday_with Sierra 002

The next day, we headed over to Grammy & Papa Rock’s house for a visit. Of course, this guy got some more presents and was all about it. This time, it was Thomas!

2014-08-01_3rd bday visit with Grammy 003

My little conductor! All Aboard!!!!

2014-08-01_Conductor Liam 004

2014-08-01_3rd bday visit with Grammy 008

The fun continued on Saturday, when we got to celebrate one of our very bestest friend’s graduation from UCF with her doctorate degree in Education!! We are SO very proud of her. I am loving this pic below, but have to laugh because Liam was NOT happy that I pulled him away from playing in the pool to snap a quick pic. Can you tell? LOL

2014-08-02_jenni grad party

We have TONS of birthday party pictures to share! I am working on those posts now.

Stay tuned!!


1 thought on “Liam’s 3rd Birthday Fun”

  1. What an exciting 3rd birthday for Liam!! I so much enjoyed my visit with both of you. I wish that I had felt better but today I think we are starting to turn the corner to wellness!! WATCH OUT LIAM…..GRAMMY IS COMING SOON TO KISS YOU UP AND HAVE FUN PLAYING WITH ALL YOUR NEW TOYS!!


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