Latest & Greatest News, September 2014

Recent Happenings

Where have these last few weeks gone? Can you believe we are creeping into October this week?                              Good grief….ya blink, and time just flies ahead.

We have had some fun around here, lately, and the calendar is not letting up anytime soon. That said, I better get my bootie up-to-date with these posts, eh?!?! 🙂


We are continuing gymnastics, once a week. Liam really looks forward to it and shows much enthusiasm. However, it has definitely been a learning curve for him to get used to a structured learning environment outside of daycare, but overall, we believe this will end up being a great experience for him from all angles — physical, social, and emotional. It helps that he has a friend in class with him, and here’s a sweet pic of the two of them hanging out after class. LOVE the expression on Liam’s face while he’s looking at Kenadie…..priceless!

2014-09-16_Liam and Kenadie

Two weeks ago, it was PIRATE WEEK!! So much fun! Liam did activities all week long at school to keep in the spirit. We also visited the Orlando Science Center on Saturday (9/20) & part of the activities that day were in celebration of Pirate Week. They had this awesome wall mural below up in the KidsTown area. I had to capture a pic 😉

2014-09-20_OSC_Pirate Ship Mural

I am so fortunate to work for a GREAT office at UCF that allows me the flexibility to go to special events at Liam’s school, like his Pirate Parade. It was so cute ❤ …he made me hold hands with him as we walked through the school {heart.melted}

2014-09-19_KRK_Pirate Parade Day 003

This was a cool little play pic they had a the Science Center. Now, ya know, I had to get him taking his pic in it, right?!?! 🙂

2014-09-20_Science Center 006

The main purpose of heading out to the Science Center early that Saturday was to check out their new Bats Exhibit. YES, there are REAL.LIVE.BATS! It was actually kind of cool because we got to see them chow down on some melon and avacado just after I snapped this pic (no flash, as that would disturb them). As soon as Liam realized we were in the same room that the Curious George Exhibit had been in, and that it was NOT there anymore, he was less than impressed. The kid cracks us up!! 🙂

2014-09-20_Science Center 001

2014-09-20_Science Center 002

He LOVED this jet flight simulator in the Science Park Exhibit area!

2014-09-20_Science Center 004

Down in KidsTown at the Orange Grove Factory

2014-09-20_Science Center 012

We finally made our way up to the DinoDigs Exhibit on the top floor. Liam said, afterwards, that this is his favorite part of the whole center.

2014-09-20_Science Center 014

He really enjoyed playing in this fossil area. It was pretty cute.

2014-09-20_Science Center 020

I told Stephen I am always the one “behind the camera”, so he snapped this pic of me & Liam….Liam is fixated on the moving dinosaur next to us. I think he thought it was real 😉

2014-09-20_Science Center 021

This was hysterical! Our little meteorologist at the Science Station – WFTV Severe Weather Center 9.

2014-09-20_Science Center 025


Last week, at Liam’s school it was Community Helper week. They made these really cute projects. He was so proud of them!

2014-09-25_community helper week_KRK

They also had a Sheriff’s Officer come see them with his police car. He thought that was pretty cool. He said he got to sit in the back of the car, too 😛

2014-09-23_KRK_community helper week_Officer Roy visit


Last Friday, it was my mom’s birthday, so Liam & I headed down to her house and spent the day hanging out with her. We had a nice time 🙂

2014-09-26_moms bday 1


We capped off the weekend with making the house Halloween festive! Hooray!! So much fun! You have probably heard me say this hundreds of times, at this point, but each age with Liam it just keeps getting more & more fun. He had a ball helping with the decorations! It’s brings me happiness to see the excitement in his eyes as we do these things together. Love him!!

2014-10-01_halloween decorations


Whew! That was a lot of catching up, right?!?! ….sorry for the all the posting! I told ya I was behind. HA!!

There was so many more fun pics, so head on over to my Instagram to see the rest of what we’ve been up to {@casademurphy}.

Enjoy the rest of your week, friends!!

Until next time….


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