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Liam’s Pre-K Graduation

On Saturday, June 11th, we celebrated Liam’s graduation from Pre-Kindergarten! It was a great day & a wonderful recognition of all his hard work & FUN that he and his fellow classmates did throughout this last year.

Leading up to his big day, I knew I wanted to do something extra special to commemorate the occasion. I headed to good, old, trusty Pinterest for some inspiration. The popular idea these days for a K-12 theme, or even just elementary years, is to use the Dr. Seuss book, ‘Oh, the Places You Will Go‘ and have the child’s teachers throughout the years sign/write in it. I LOVE that idea, and I just morphed that a bit & just did it for Pre-K.

2016-06-11_Liam VPK Graduation 060

His teachers, Mrs. Samar & Ms. Kaylee, wrote on several pages inside, and even included some special pics & items from the walls in the classroom ❀ …Since he knew the other full-time VPK teachers, we also asked them to share some memories in his book. I still would like to get other teachers from over the last few years that have taught him at the school to sign it, so that’s a goal for the summer πŸ™‚

2016-06-11_Liam VPK Graduation 059

2016-06-11_Liam VPK Graduation 058

His graduation ceremony was on Saturday morning, so we had a few fun decorations & small gifts waiting for him as a surprise when he came home on Friday.

2016-06-11_Liam VPK Graduation 055

It was seriously THE CUTEST ceremony! The school did a patriotic theme. His class wore all blue cap & gown. All the children came into the Pomp & Circumstance March. I will admit that part did make me tear up a little because all I could picture as I saw his sweet face appear walking down the aisle was him twelve years from now at 18 for his high school graduation! I mean really ….a mama’s heart can only take so much before it just overflows with love ❀

2016-06-11_Liam VPK Graduation 017

All the classes sang ‘Grand ‘Ole Flag‘ together πŸ™‚ ….look at his smile! He was so proud & excited!

2016-06-11_Liam VPK Graduation 018

Each class sang a song together individually. We knew, from him practicing at home, that his class was singing ‘Head, Shoulders, Knees, & Toes‘. However, we did NOT know about this MOST AMAZING choreography that went along with it or the Latin flair! πŸ™‚ ….Hands down, this was my favorite part of the ceremony. Liam’s dancing was spot on!!!

2016-06-11_Liam VPK Graduation 049

The school honored & recognized the children who had been there all the way since the infant room. Of the huge group of kiddos, there were only 5 of them that completed this, and these 5 we have been pretty close with over the years. They have all been in class together. Hopefully, we can stay in contact with most of them. Obviously, we will be hanging out with Kenadie & family still. Liam is going to elementary school with another, so that’s good too.

The infant room is Suite 100, so the kids were each inducted into the “Sweet 100” club and given a medal of recognition ❀

2016-06-11_Liam VPK Graduation 014

2016-06-11_Liam VPK Graduation 011

2016-06-11_Liam VPK Graduation 024

Receiving his diploma from his teachers, Ms. Kaylee and Mrs. Samar

2016-06-11_Liam VPK Graduation 009

Getting ready for the finale & standing out from the crowd with his medal πŸ™‚

2016-06-11_Liam VPK Graduation 008

All the classes sang the school’s theme song together at the end of the ceremony

Congratulations to the 2015/16 VPK graduates!!

2016-06-11_Liam VPK Graduation 007

My best attempt at a class picture after the ceremony. All the kiddos were pretty much done by this point. Forget about getting them all to look at the camera — LOL!

2016-06-11_Liam VPK Graduation 036

family picture!

2016-06-11_Liam VPK Graduation 033

My dad & stepmom came to see Liam’s graduation, and he was thrilled!! He loves his Papa-G and G-Ma ❀

2016-06-11_Liam VPK Graduation 023

The little man of the day!! …I had to bride him to take this one last picture…hahaha!!

2016-06-11_Liam VPK Graduation 030

Liam & Kenadie — friends forever ❀

2016-06-11_Liam VPK Graduation 028

graduation ice cream cake + pajama’s = the end of a fabulous celebratory weekend!!

2016-06-11_Liam VPK Graduation 002

I still cannot wrap my mind around that Pre-Kindergarten is done. I feel like he was just transitioning back to the VPK building yesterday in some ways. However, we also see tremendous growth this last year! Academically, our minds our blown. He was a sponge and learned an unbelievable amount. Far more, really, than we ever thought they would even teach in Pre-K….I mean, he’s doing MATH already, reading some sight words, and can write all his letters in upper & lower case. I could go on & on with all that he has learned and can do since this time last year. He worked so hard this year, but we could tell that he really enjoyed learning it all as they went along. I have to give huge kudos to his teachers for this! They were awesome!! Even though he has a late birthday in the summertime, and like me, he will always be young in his grade, we have no reservations about him starting Kindergarten this year. He is ready! πŸ™‚

We continue to be so very proud of our sweet boy. He truly is our heart-string & just brings us such joy.

Until next time, friends!

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