December 2014, Latest & Greatest News

Happy New Year!!

We were blessed with another year in 2014, and what a year it was!!

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Some highlights from 2014 …..

Our biggest goal was Potty Training & we can definitely check that off our list. Liam accomplished that with flying colors! I am not going to say it was a breeze — hard work for sure, but he was definitely eager to learn. We also said good-bye to the beloved paci.

We even ended the year, today, with our very 1st trip to the dentist for a cleaning…but more about that later 😉

Stephen changed jobs in March & is kicking butt! Same kind of business (fabric restoration), just for a different company.

I started blogging for Orlando Moms Blog in August, and it’s really been a joy to be a part of this fab team of moms! Not to mention, the experience I have been gaining is awesome!

HUGE KUDOS to those of you who keep up with us here ❤ ….this little hobby of mine has really grown this past year and I couldn’t be more thrilled. I am still just doing this to mainly keep our family & friends abreast of the latest & greatest news of Mr Liam & the fam, but it’s also led to some new exciting opportunities. Our most popular posts were Liam’s 3rd birthday celebrations (here & here). The most commented on were when we said good-bye to paci. 🙂 We had over 2,000 page views this year!! While that may be small potatoes for some blogs, that is pretty amazing to me! Most of our visitors came from the U.S., Brazil & Canada.

I am anxious to see where 2015 will take us!

Here’s a quick look back as we bid farewall to 2014 🙂


{song credit: Dave Matthews — Baby Blue}

Looking Ahead to 2015 ….

Liam will be starting official Pre-School in August!! Oh my goodness! Where is the time going?!?!

We want to find a solid church home and a place to give that foundation for Liam that is vital so he can learn & grow in our Lord. It’s time & has been heavy on my heart.

Stephen and I have some projects we want to tackle around the house.

Overall, we just want to live each day to the fullest, savor each moment, and be thankful!! ❤


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Happy New Year!!


January 2014, Latest & Greatest News

Happy New Year!!

We were blessed with another year in 2013, and what a year it was!

Some highlights from 2013…

Greatest Lesson Learned: Parenting is hard AND fun …some days one and some days the other ….aaannnd  most days both 🙂

Hardest Thing of the Year: Balancing mommy/daddy time with family time

Favorite Memory: Liam turning 2!! Taking him for his very 1st trip to see his favorite bud, Mickey Mouse at the Magic Kingdom!

What We Loved Most About 2013: Watching our little guy grow & change right before our very eyes. It’s amazing how much he’s changed in this last year! Such a little {talking!!} man with his own unique personality now! We moved him out of his crib this year and into a big boy bed. That was a challenge, but he loves it. More to come about this in a later post, but in recent weeks, we also gave up paci (gasp!…I know!).


Looking Ahead to 2014…

What to Learn: Hmmm, well, there are so many things Liam will learn this coming year & so, we will have many adventures sharing those experiences. I hope to share some of those with you! I’m sure we will laugh together!

What to Get Better At: Tagging onto our hardest thing from 2013, we will try in 2014 to find more balance for couple time & family time.

Biggest Goal: POTTY TRAINING!!!


Here’s a quick look back as we Say Goodbye to 2013 🙂

Wishing you all a happy & safe New Year!! All the best in 2014!!