Latest & Greatest News, October 2014


Last week was such a fun week at gymnastics! Liam overcameย his fear of flipping upside down and did his pull-over on the un-even bar with Coach Elyssa! He was super proud, as were we! Even more exciting was that his coach sent him a ‘star student’ certificate in the mail later in the week to recognize this awesome achievement ๐Ÿ™‚ …that really was such a sweet gesture from her! Much appreciated by this momma & daddy!!

2014-10-22_gymnastics 013

2014-10-22_gymnastics certificate_super student 3

We enjoyed a busy, but super fun weekend, as we geared up for the upcoming Halloween celebration. The festivities kicked off on Friday evening with our annual bash at the Bengel’s. Liam sported his costume and looked awesome!!

2014-10-24_Bengel Halloween Party 5

Lisa had the house all decked out and I was in love with her ‘floating candles’ in their family room. Great touch!

2014-10-24_Bengel Halloween Party 6

The kids decided to break out some pretty sweet dance moves. Liam definitely has some moves of his own, people….so cute!

2014-10-24_Bengel Halloween Party 8

On Sunday, we took our little guy out to UCF for ‘Trick or Treat on Greek Street’. This was the 1st year we made it out there, and it was fun for him. He definitely was happy about the early trick-or-treating, and he did pretty good participating in a few of the games that they had set up.

2014-10-26_TOTOGS 7

2014-10-26_TOTOGS 5

Trick-or-Treating is hard work ๐Ÿ˜‰ …..water break!

2014-10-26_TOTOGS 11

Sunday evening, the boys did a little pumpkin carving out back. Even the fur baby got in on the action ๐Ÿ™‚

2014-10-26_pumpkin carving collage

2014-10-26_pumpkin carving 3

Posing with his finished ‘jack-o-lantern’ …the smaller pumpkin is a fake one but he insisted that it was ‘the baby’ and that the one Stephen carved was ‘the daddy’, so they had to stay together….LOL!!! Too Funny!! What an imagination!

2014-10-26_pumpkin carving 10

2014-10-26_pumpkin carving 9

By the time the candle burned out on this guy on Sunday night, I was exhausted….such a busy weekend, yet so much fun…..and, so many wonderful memories! Lots more Halloween fun to come this week. We are looking forward to sharing with you soon.

Until next time, friends!


December 2013, Latest & Greatest News

Countdown to Christmas

The countdown is on! Just a few days to go ๐Ÿ™‚ …are you excited?!?! Having a child definitely brings that magical feeling from your own childhood back & we are finding ourselves wanting to start re-creating memories that we once did, as well as think of new & fun traditions to start.

During the week, we were pleasantly surprised with this awesome wine gift set from Stephen’s dad & family. It comes from out their way in New Mexico, so we’re excited to try this very soon!

2013-12-17_wine xmas gift set

On Thursday night, I put together a little gift for each of Liam’s teachers. He went shopping with me earlier in the week & helped pick out the soaps. He was cute. He clearly did NOT want to be shopping {I didn’t either, really…but I’m a terrible procrastinator}, and after we picked the 1st soap, he says, “Ok, are we done now?” LOL.

I found the tags off Pinterest from a free download here, and Liam & I had fun tracing his hand print to also put with the tag!

2013-12-20_teacher xmas gift

Friday, we brought the gifts to school, and he enjoyed a holiday party with his class. Later that day, when I asked him what special snacks he had from the party, he remembered, bananas & cheese ๐Ÿ™‚

2013-12-20_Christmas Party

This was the special Christmas handprint project he made for us that he brought home on Friday. LOVE IT!!!

2013-12-20_Liam Christmas Project

Saturday evening, we headed out to a Christmas party out at the horse stables where Mimi keeps her horses. Liam LOVES animals and really loves to see the horses, so this was great fun for him. I failed epically at taking a pic this time of him petting a horse, but we also had fun walking about the property checking out all the cool decorations.

2013-12-21_Stables Nativity

After we left the stables, we stopped by Light Up UCF to check out the Christmas lights. Liam is still too small for the rides & ice skating they have there, but it was fun to walk around for a few minutes.

2013-12-21_Light Up UCF

It’s almost Merry Christmas Eve, friends!! I am really looking forward to seeing little man’s excitement over these next few days!


Until next time…..