Latest & Greatest News, September 2013

Latest & Greatest News — Playing Around

Sometimes actions speak louder than words…in our case, video 🙂

Liam has been full of energy these days. We definitely have a toddler with a boisterous & humorous personality! He makes our days full and fun. Here’s a clip of him playing ball with Daddy recently. He’s quite good at both catching & throwing…

We also took him on his 1st driving lesson in his power wheels. He did great! Although, he did like to drive in circles, a lot!! too funny!! check it out…

Lots of funs things coming up over the next few weeks so I hope to have some more pics to post then. Until then….bat boy signing off 😉



1 thought on “Latest & Greatest News — Playing Around”

  1. Look at you go, Liam!!! I’m amazed at how well you catch that football. (Did I see him throwing left-handed?)you certainly are following in your daddy’s footsteps with your sports and driving abilities. You all look like you’re having a lot of fun! We love you!


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