Latest & Greatest News, September 2013

Adios September!!

the days are long but the years are short. make the most of it. -author unknown

I saw this quote posted today & loved it. While I think our days sometimes seem to also fly by, we definitely aim to savor each & every second together.

Well, September has packed it’s bags, huh? Gotta say that I’m kinda excited about that. This means that fall is officially here & the holiday season is upon us. I LOVE IT!! The decorations, gatherings, outings, smells, food….all of it equals fabulous fun in my book! And, the fact that Liam can understand it way more this year & get into the festiveness is an added plus!

This past weekend Liam & I headed down to spend some time with Grammy & Papa Rock. It was Grammy’s birthday last week so Liam was excited to spend some special time with her & give her the card he signed himself 🙂 ….he had so much fun playing there that he couldn’t hang with me on the drive home.


On Saturday afternoon, though, I do have to mention that we did have a MONUMENTAL moment…….LIAM.ATE.CHOCOLATE

For anyone who is not familiar, Liam has refused anything with chocolate even in it since we started him on solids. We’ve kinda always jokingly wondered if he was really our kid because he’s had such a strong aversion to it. However, this weekend he asked for one of my M&M’s and I gave him one…fully expecting him to make a face & spit it out. NOPE…he ate it….happily AND asked for more…and more! A new day has dawned in Casa de Murphy, my friends….


When we got home on Saturday afternoon, Daddy surprised us with a kitchen re-do for Liam’s kitchen. This look below is now stage 2 for the Little Tikes Cook-N-Grow Kitchen. Little man had to immediately check things out. Daddy even got a cool new crate to house all his play food. So cool! I want to make a few more tweaks to this new set up, so stay tuned. I’m consulting my friend, Pinterest 😉 HA!

2013-09-28_kitchen redo

Sunday = cleaning + bringing out the Halloween decorations! Hooray! We found this awesome Mickey Mouse Halloween t-shirt for Liam at Target. He was in love with it. If you’re wondering….yes, we already have his Halloween costume and yes, it is A-MAZING!! Keeping it under wraps for now, but I will tell you that I got the MOST incredible deal for it & got the ONE costume I wanted but didn’t think I was gonna get….More about that later.

2013-09-29_halloween mickey

A loooong time ago….literally months….we bought this Little People’s Pumpkin Patch Farm on clearance & put it away. Almost forgot about it 🙂 ….Thank you, Daddy, for remembering it was up in the closet! While it’s hard to tell in the pic, all the farm animals have little Halloween masks on. Liam played with this while I was getting ready to put up the decorations.

2013-09-29_pumpkin farm

Oh man, do I ever love hearing that little voice running around the house saying, “punkin”….so cute!! He is loving all that we’ve put up to celebrate what’s coming in October. We’re hoping to have some fun filled weekends ahead, as well. How about you?

2013-09-29_ mr pumpkin

Latest & Greatest News, September 2013

Latest & Greatest News — Playing Around

Sometimes actions speak louder than words…in our case, video 🙂

Liam has been full of energy these days. We definitely have a toddler with a boisterous & humorous personality! He makes our days full and fun. Here’s a clip of him playing ball with Daddy recently. He’s quite good at both catching & throwing…

We also took him on his 1st driving lesson in his power wheels. He did great! Although, he did like to drive in circles, a lot!! too funny!! check it out…

Lots of funs things coming up over the next few weeks so I hope to have some more pics to post then. Until then….bat boy signing off 😉



September 2013

Labor Day Weekend 2013

So summer is technically over, right? Labor Day Weekend 2013 ushered it away with a bang…or a barbeque…or a dip in the pool….bring on fall, peeps!! Of course, in our neck of the woods, it’s still hot as you know what …definitely does NOT feel like fall yet…but we can pretend for now 🙂

Last week, on pretty much on unplanned whim (but those seem to be the best sometimes), we signed Liam up for his very 1st lessons of ANY kind. Yes, I know …what can a 2 year old really do ….I asked myself this same question. He’s doing Playball. It’s a program that’s designed to teach fitness & movement while also teaching the basics of sports, such as baseball, basketball, & soccer. He will get one lesson a week, and it will be taught to his age group. Best of all, it’s during the day AND at his school so super convenient for us. His teacher/coach gave rave reviews from his 1st lesson last week. She said he listened well & participated. She was also amazed at how well he, at 2 yrs old, understood the concepts of the sports they covered that day. Got to give credit to Daddy for that one! We’re gonna try it for this month and see how he does & likes it. Here’s a pic of the T-shirt he wears on the days he has his lesson each week:


We kicked off our holiday weekend with a cookout & swim at our friend’s. I actually wasn’t feeling too hot that day, so it was a Daddy & Liam afternoon…I was sad to miss out on the fun. Especially, seeing Liam’s 1st trip down this big old-school water slide. Happy someone took pics that I could share & freak out over…part of me was glad I wasn’t there…not so sure I would have let him go down it….hahaha! Daddy said he was a trooper and asked to do it again after the 1st time down. Figures! No.Fear.Ever.



Sunday, we took up trip to Amaya Papaya to celebrate one of Liam’s fav buddies from school’s birthday. We had a great time playing around there and enjoying the afternoon.



We closed our fun weekend out on Monday with another cookout at Mimi’s & some swimming (Liam’s favorite this summer). While in the pool on Monday, he figured out, on his own, how to swing his legs in front of him & float onto his back. Hilarious…he was loving it!! I was impressed that he managed to do that even with the swim float on.



As always, the weekend seemed to go way too fast! We’re definitely looking forward to the fall season, the upcoming holidays, and the fun things associated with them. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times…Liam is our world & every age is more fun than the last…so we are definitely looking forward to these next few months with him. We may not always admit it, but I think it kind of makes us feel like kids again 🙂

Until next time, friends…..