Latest & Greatest News, October 2013

Latest & Greatest Fun!

Welcome October!! So many fun things planned to do this month. We’re looking forward to sharing our adventures with you.

This pic was taken in a quick moment after a ride in Liam’s jeep on Saturday, but it’s definitely one that I am loving! These boys have our heart….& they have grown to be bestest buddies….it’s really THE cutest thing to watch. So proud of Timber for adjusting to being a big brother after so many years being an ‘only child’ 😉

2013-10-05_the boys

Good Morning, Sunshine! Daddy had to work on Saturday morning for awhile so little man & Mommy had breakfast & watched cartoons together.

2013-10-05_good morning

The highlight of our weekend was going to see the Sesame Street LIVE show. Since we’re pretty hooked on Disney, we don’t really watch Sesame Street too often but Liam does know all the main characters thanks to a few books we have that he loves & his Pampers….lol, I know…but it’s true. Pampers has always put the characters on his diapers so we talk about them all the time with him because of that! He had a blast with the show…clapping, laughing, & even dancing…well, stomping…haha!!

2013-10-05_sesame street show

2013-10-05_sesame street collage

Got a little more driving practice in over the weekend, too. Still driving in circles but they are good circles!

We ended the rainy afternoon on Sunday with a little cake baking. I let Liam pull a stool up in the kitchen & he helped me…it was fun for both of us! Although, it was hard for him to wait for it to cook…he ran around the house yelling “caaaake” while it was in the oven 🙂

2013-10-05_cake baking collage

Hope your weekend was fun, too! Until next time….

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