Latest & Greatest News, October 2013

Adventure Week!

What 2 year old doesn’t love a big truck, right? Well, what’s better then getting to see one in real life?!?! Umm, nothing?? Liam’s school had our local Fire Dept come out on site to visit the kids & teach them about fire safety & prevention. Very cool!! Liam’s teacher & the staff told us that he LOVED it! The kids in his class got to go inside the truck to check it out, and sit in the seat & wear the seat belt. When we asked him if he saw the big red fire truck that day, he replied with, “I climbed in” ….so cute. Kudos to his school for doing this 🙂

2013-10-09_fire prevention day_1

2013-10-09_fire prevention day_3

Over the weekend, we had a birthday party for a fabulous 5 year to attend. Liam was very excited to help celebrate another little friend’s special day. He was singing to her on the drive there…haha! It was a Jake & the Neverland Pirates theme, and he’s pretty fond of that show, so that made it extra fun.

There was a pool AND an inflatable water slide…….almost too much fun for this little guy. First, let me tell you that we forgot to bring his swimmy vest (fail!!). We still did pool time but he was convinced he could swim. The kid has NO.FEAR…I have fear, though!! Swim lessons are definitely in our future for spring or else my poor heart & nerves may not survive.

The water slide took several tries but he was brave with this, too. Once the bigger kids were all in the pool, he gave it a whirl….

2013-10-12_bouncy slide fun_1

2013-10-12_bouncy slide fun_2

And, of course, what birthday party isn’t complete without cupcakes AND a pinata? Last year, Liam was too little to take a swing at the pinata but this year, we helped him to take a whack at it 😉

2013-10-12_madi bday cupcakes

2013-10-12_madi bday pinata fun

Hope you had a good week, too! Definitely enjoying the “slight” dip in temperature here in our neck of the woods over this last week and looking forward to hopefully some continued cooler temps in the weeks to come! It’s probably crazy  that as soon as the morning lows got below 70 last week, I was immediately like, omg, I’ve got to get Liam some clothes (nothing from last fall/winter fits). HA!

Until next time….

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