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Green Meadows Farm 2013

Mid-October, we met up with some fun new friends, as well as one special friend from Liam’s school to visit all our animal friends & pick pumpkins at Green Meadows Farm in Kissimmee.

2013-10-20_Green Meadows Farm 050

Liam was excited to spend the afternoon with one of his besties, Kenadie. I tried hard to get the two of them to both smile at the camera…but, well, ya know how that goes with kiddos…HA! These two have been buddies since they started at daycare in the baby room….they love hanging out together. It’s super cute!

2013-10-20_Green Meadows Farm 065

Liam’s face in this shot is totally like….”mom, aren’t you done YET??” 🙂

2013-10-20_Green Meadows Farm 067

Kisses for Baby Duckies!!!

2013-10-20_Green Meadows Farm 013

I’m not 100%, but I think these are all the goats we saw here at the farm back in March as babies. Obviously, they were much bigger this go round. I think Liam walked the entire pen and touch! He kept saying, “Hi, goat!” to each one…lol.

2013-10-20_Green Meadows Farm 018

The sheep were in the same pen — each one got a little pet, too!

2013-10-20_Green Meadows Farm 035

Chicken Coop!! Daddy actually helped Liam to hold this one on his own! O.M.G. — THAT kinda freaked him out RIGHT after I snapped this picture!

2013-10-20_Green Meadows Farm 044

Absolutely cannot forget the pony ride! Giddy-Up!!

2013-10-20_Green Meadows Farm 056

Quick family pic on the hayride! Liam was fascinated that the tractor was pulling us along.

2013-10-20_Green Meadows Farm 069

We wrapped up the visit with getting to pick our pumpkins in the pumpkin patch. Liam carefully selected which two he wanted.

2013-10-20_Green Meadows Farm 071

2013-10-20_Green Meadows Farm 076

If you have never checked out Green Meadows or haven’t been in a while, you should definitely give a whirl….it’s a pretty neat place for the little ones to explore & learn. Definitely recommend!

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