Latest & Greatest News, October 2014

Green Meadows Farm

Last Sunday, we headed out to Green Meadows Farm with our Sunshine Babies group for another fun-filled fall adventure! It was an absolutely gorgeous day & we had the most perfect weather 🙂 …so thankful for that! You can look back on last year’s fall trip, here {so cute to see how much little man has changed / grown up }

2014-10-19_Green Meadows Farm 001

Our 1st stop was the hayride around the property. A nice, easy way to kick off the morning.

2014-10-19_Green Meadows Farm 004

2014-10-19_Green Meadows Farm 008

How cute was this sign?!?! For some reason, I didn’t see it last year, but we got him to stand in front of it this time. Yeap, we’re clearly at the 3 foot mark 😉

2014-10-19_Green Meadows Farm 010

Oh, the goats! He wasn’t as thrilled to pet them this go around, but this little guy was a cutie! He was one of a set of twins that was only ELEVEN DAYS OLD!! ❤ ….we were saying HI  to him, here.

2014-10-19_Green Meadows Farm 017

Definitely got a kick out of feeding the goats! Look at the joy on that face 🙂

2014-10-19_Green Meadows Farm 021

Ponies for days!! I think you can tell by the sweet expression on that face that he was IN LOVE!

2014-10-19_Green Meadows Farm 041

Well, hello there baby duckie!

2014-10-19_Green Meadows Farm 056

Ah, the pumpkin patch! One of the perks of heading out to Green Meadows during October is that each paying guest can take home a pumpkin….sooo, we filled our wagon with 3 lovelies that the boys will be carving up this weekend. It was MUCH harder {compared to prev years} to get this lively 3 year old to pose and/or stay still in a way that suited my photo-crazed ideas….the out-stretched arms with a cheese  was the winner of the afternoon. I’ll take it ❤

2014-10-19_Green Meadows Farm 064

Another one of my stolen moments….searching for the perfect pumpkin for Liam {he wanted one of the smaller ones}

2014-10-19_Green Meadows Farm 069

Loved this one!

2014-10-19_Green Meadows Farm 074

Last but not least….I was super excited to see the same SPOOKY  sign this year, as we had come across last year….so, I attempted to re-create last year’s shot. You can DEFINITELY see the difference in how much this little man has grown.

2014-10_spooky comparison collage

It was a great day with our friends from the Sunshine Babies group! Liam had an awesome time exploring around and checking out all the animals. It’s, for sure, one of our favorite places to visit during this time of the year.

Until next time, friends!!


Latest & Greatest News, October 2013

Green Meadows Farm 2013

Mid-October, we met up with some fun new friends, as well as one special friend from Liam’s school to visit all our animal friends & pick pumpkins at Green Meadows Farm in Kissimmee.

2013-10-20_Green Meadows Farm 050

Liam was excited to spend the afternoon with one of his besties, Kenadie. I tried hard to get the two of them to both smile at the camera…but, well, ya know how that goes with kiddos…HA! These two have been buddies since they started at daycare in the baby room….they love hanging out together. It’s super cute!

2013-10-20_Green Meadows Farm 065

Liam’s face in this shot is totally like….”mom, aren’t you done YET??” 🙂

2013-10-20_Green Meadows Farm 067

Kisses for Baby Duckies!!!

2013-10-20_Green Meadows Farm 013

I’m not 100%, but I think these are all the goats we saw here at the farm back in March as babies. Obviously, they were much bigger this go round. I think Liam walked the entire pen and touch! He kept saying, “Hi, goat!” to each one…lol.

2013-10-20_Green Meadows Farm 018

The sheep were in the same pen — each one got a little pet, too!

2013-10-20_Green Meadows Farm 035

Chicken Coop!! Daddy actually helped Liam to hold this one on his own! O.M.G. — THAT kinda freaked him out RIGHT after I snapped this picture!

2013-10-20_Green Meadows Farm 044

Absolutely cannot forget the pony ride! Giddy-Up!!

2013-10-20_Green Meadows Farm 056

Quick family pic on the hayride! Liam was fascinated that the tractor was pulling us along.

2013-10-20_Green Meadows Farm 069

We wrapped up the visit with getting to pick our pumpkins in the pumpkin patch. Liam carefully selected which two he wanted.

2013-10-20_Green Meadows Farm 071

2013-10-20_Green Meadows Farm 076

If you have never checked out Green Meadows or haven’t been in a while, you should definitely give a whirl….it’s a pretty neat place for the little ones to explore & learn. Definitely recommend!