May 2014, Randomness

Throwback Thursday: Murphy Memories!

I want to kick this summer off with being more active with my posts, so I thought it would be fun to join in on the hype of “throwback thursday” & post a fun video or picture each week from our past. I haven’t really ever posted anything on my instagram or FB for this before, but let’s do something creative with it on the blog 🙂

If ya’ll know me…you know I have TONS of video & pics, so this should be easy…and entertaining!

So, with that, I think I found a pretty good one to start things off. This video was taken in early 2012 by a staff member at Liam’s school. I’m sorry to say that I never wrote down the exact date, but he had to have been about 7 or 8 months old. He LOVED this Little Tikes piano! Until I watched this again, I had forgotten that he used to also rub his chubby little feet together when he would get excited, too!  Enjoy!!

Latest & Greatest News, May 2014

Our {Long} Weekend Recap

Hope you all enjoyed your Memorial Day Weekend 2014! It was for sure a H.O.T. one in our neck of the woods. My, oh my, were we feeling the summertime temps, or what, already?!?!

When Liam gets a little older, we will explain to him the real reason for the holiday this weekend. Until, then, it was just an extra long & fun weekend for him. Overall, though, we kept it pretty low-key. He & I battled a stomach bug most of the week, so we spent the 1st part of the weekend playing catch up with chores & what-not. Daddy was a trooper with helping to take care of both of us & the house!

Once everyone’s bellies were feeling better, we indulged in some yummy ice cream cones after dinner. 🙂

Daddy says this was Liam’s FIRST ice cream CONE …I haven’t been able to locate any other pics of him eating a cone, so he may be right because ya know I would have documented that! LOL …He wouldn’t stop moving while eating this one, so it’s not the best shot, but here ya go:

2014-05-23_1st ice cream cone 001

On Sunday, we decided to head out to Cocoa Beach for a day of fun in the sun. Two things I learned after our trip. One, Liam needs a bigger sun hat (last years is too small….yet still so cute). Two, if we’re going to frequent the beach this summer, we need an umbrella. The Florida sun is brutal.

Liam loved the playing in both the sand and the water. While he would be in the water with us, he would sing, “we’ll be swimming in the ocean all day long…splish, splash”.

2014-05-24_Cocoa Beach_Fischer Park 004

2014-05-24_Cocoa Beach_Fischer Park 007

2014-05-24_Cocoa Beach_Fischer Park 015

2014-05-24_Cocoa Beach_Fischer Park 012

2014-05-24_Cocoa Beach_Fischer Park 017

2014-05-24_Cocoa Beach_Fischer Park 016

The other highlight of our weekend was that Mr. Liam taught himself how to do a somersault. Well, I guess, I should 1st clarify to say that I believe one of his little friends at school helped show him how, as I observed this from my glimpses on the camera. It was actually pretty hilarious and I wish I had been able to catch that on video. He must have felt confident in his new skill to show it to us because this is what he did on Saturday.

To end our weekend, last night, after bath, he proceeded to tell us that he loved us & that we were “the best day ever” ….I don’t think it gets much better than that, folks!


Until next time!

April 2014, Latest & Greatest News

Our Easter EGG-Stravaganza!

Believe it, or not, I started this post about 3 weeks ago. It was definitely not my intention to be just sharing about our super fun Easter holiday almost a month after the fact, but it’s been crazy times around Casa de Murphy, peeps. Both Stephen & I have been working hard & on the weekends, swim lessons are still in full swing, and life has been charging on 🙂

Liam got to participate in his 1st real Easter Egg Hunt with our Meet Up Group of friends, the Sunshine Babies. This is a super fun group of parents and we really enjoy spending time with them! He had a blast!

2014-04-19_MeetUp Group Easter Egg Hunt 029

2014-04-19_MeetUp Group Easter Egg Hunt 022

2014-04-19_MeetUp Group Easter Egg Hunt 010

The park we went to was in Baldwin Park. Really great space & this fountain was beautiful. Of course, little man was hamming it up for the camera.

2014-04-19_MeetUp Group Easter Egg Hunt 012

Special buddies since they were babies…so cute!…Kenadie & Liam

2014-04-19_MeetUp Group Easter Egg Hunt 018

Family pic!

2014-04-19_MeetUp Group Easter Egg Hunt 020

The Easter Bunny came!! …all of Liam’s current favs…Thomas the Train, Toy Story & Tinkerbell.

2014-04-20_Easter 007

The Easter Bunny hid some eggs in the yard for Liam. He also planted  lolly pops in the ivy…WOW! 🙂

2014-04-20_Easter 002

2014-04-20_Easter 011

A couple of eggs had treats for Timber in them. The boys were sharing them directly after coming inside. HA!

2014-04-20_Easter 015

We had dinner with Grammy & Papa Rock on Easter. It was also great to spend time with my Grampy (Liam’s Great Grampy). The Easter Bunny got a tad bit carried away with his delivery here…lol.

2014-04-20_Grammy Easter

Liam was SUPER excited (hence this expression below on his face) to see that he got an Olaf from Frozen. We are loving that movie in our house right now.

2014-04-20_Easter 021

He had also been asking us EVERY day (really, NOT joking about this) for a vacuum. He had one that was a hand-me-down from one of our friend’s & it recently broke. This kid loved to use that vacuum around the house and was pretty upset about it. So, every day, he had been telling me he needed  a new vacuum, and he wanted one like our Dyson vacuum. Well, unbelievably, they actually make a toy version of our Dyson Animal that we’ve had for years. It was love at 1st sight 🙂

2014-04-20_Easter 024

The afternoon would not have been complete without another egg hunt, right?!?!

Such a sweet picture between Liam & his Great Grampy!

2014-04-20_Easter 031

And, if this little dude is not spoiled enough…..

He got ANOTHER Easter basket from his Mimi & Papa D. He loved his Mickey cup, puppy & the baking set for his kitchen.

2014-04-26_mimi easter basket collage

2014-04-26_baking set

It was really exciting for us to see Liam get into the Easter holiday this year. He enjoyed all the decorations and the eggs (and, most surprising for me…the CANDY…lol).  I guess it’s another sign of the times….our baby is getting bigger…growing up some more!

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday, as well!


Until next time……….