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Our {Long} Weekend Recap

We headed to my dad & stepmom’s up in Jacksonville for Memorial Day weekend, and we had a great time with them. We don’t get a chance to take many overnight trips, or ‘get-aways’ so it’s always nice to head up there when we can.

2016-05-29_Enzos Dinner Jax 002

It was a relaxing & laid back weekend, overall. Those are always the best ones, right? Liam loved helping his Papa-G and G-Ma with various tasks around their house 😉 …Here’s a pic we snapped of Liam helping bake some cookies ❤

2016-05-28_Cooking with G-Ma 002

We all enjoyed some fun in the sun out at the MOST gorgeous beach house in the Ponte Vedra area. The weather was beautiful & the we soaked in the rays & splashed in the water. This view will never get old….

2016-05-29_Beach House 4

2016-05-29_Beach House 6

Love this sweet boy ….

2016-05-29_Beach House 1

He was the best swimmer all weekend. We were so proud & we know Ms. Katie would be, too 🙂

Hanging out with his Papa…

2016-05-29_Memorial Day Weekend Jax 001

Swimming with G-ma…

2016-05-29_Memorial Day Weekend Jax 003

The house had it’s own private boardwalk out to the beach. So very nice….

2016-05-29_Memorial Day Weekend Jax 011

We played on the sand & in the waves for a bit. The rip currents were pretty strong, though, so we didn’t go too far out.

2016-05-29_Memorial Day Weekend Jax 006

Love this family of mine ❤ ….

2016-05-29_Memorial Day Weekend Jax 009

We will definitely be frequenting the beach this summer! Liam loves it just as much as I did as a kid, and still do!

Until next time friends 🙂

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Latest & Greatest News, May 2016

Memorial Day ~ Past & Present

Memorial Day Weekend is upon us , friends! While many of us celebrate this as the unofficial start of the summer (my family included), let us not forget that this holiday weekend is not really why we are all taking a pause from work & the dailies….

Memorial Day

Here are some facts I found to begin to teach Liam about the holiday:

It started on May 30, 1868.
Union General John A. Logan declared the day an occasion to decorate the graves of Civil War soldiers, and thus, was called Decoration Day.
Twenty years later, the name was changed to Memorial Day.
President Richard M. Nixon declared Memorial Day a federal holiday in 1971. 

Going through our pics in recent weeks, I found that we have made a tradition of photographing this holiday. So, here’s a look back…

2012 — 1st Memorial Day at 10 months old. He didn’t want to keep the hat on & wouldn’t give up the paci for this pic 😉

2012-05-25_memorial day

2013 — We placed American flags in our yard to help begin to teach our little man about the importance of this holiday.


2013-05-25_memorial day_1

2014 — I will admit that this weekend has become our family’s tradition of our 1st beach trip of the year. Even living in Florida, we do take a break from the sand for a few months, so this does kinda kick things off for us for the summer. I think it’s more because it’s the 1st long weekend we have off of work in a while.

2014-05-24_Cocoa Beach_Fischer Park 004


2015 — Last year, we did American flags & pinwheels in the yard. Liam was a great helper!


And now, a look at this year…

2016 — It was essential that we got our American flags, again, this year. Liam actually saw them in two different neighbors yards earlier in the week, first, while we were driving to school. He remembered that we had put up our own flags, and specifically requested to get ours out after school that day. You bet we did 🙂




Happy Memorial Day, friends!

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Latest & Greatest News, May 2015

Memorial Day Weekend {Part 1}

Last week started off as any other week, but quickly went south for me, as I spent a majority of it feeling pretty crappy. I came down with a bug and it threw us all off. So thankful to Daddy for picking up the extra slack while I was down. Me and the fur baby bonded a lot ….as you can see below ❤

2015-05-19_Timber 001EDITED

During the week, my heart melted for a minute when the little dude took Timber on a walk solo for the 1st time (in our cul-de-sac) ….he was SO proud of himself. I was, too, & I was proud of Timber for letting his “little” bro take the reigns 🙂 — really was a special moment for these two!

2015-05-16_walking timber 1st time alone 001EDITED

By Friday, I was starting to feel half-way normal, so we wanted to kick-off our weekend. Let me begin, by first sharing with you this completely appropriate article I came across for Memorial Day that was posted on The Washington Post & written by a veteran. You can find it here. While many of us (our little fam included) often refer to this weekend as the unofficial start of summer, or a reason to have a cookout — it’s really NOT why we have this holiday. I want to ensure our little one knows about that as we bring him up & we take pause to not forget.


We all had the day off of work & school on Friday, so Liam excitedly said we were on vacation throughout the long weekend….I was good with that. To get some fresh air for us all, we decided to go out to the beach for a walk. He had been asking for weeks (literally) to go, and since I wasn’t up to a full day in the sand, just yet —- this was the next best thing. The ocean breeze was beautiful, and the water was cool.

2015-05-22_Titusville Beach Walk 010EDITED

tiny footprints in the sand ❤ …..

2015-05-22_Titusville Beach Walk 015EDITED

On Sunday, we went to Disney!! ….more about that a little later 🙂

2015-05-24_magic kingdomEDITED

We enjoyed Memorial Day on Monday with good friends. Barbeque and poolside — couldn’t ask for a better afternoon & end to our long weekend.

2015-05-25_Memorial Day BBQ 006EDITED

These two above had so much fun pouring cups of water from the pool on each other & their dads — just the little things, ya know? 😉

Slip n’ Sliding Fun…..

2015-05-25_Memorial Day BBQ 005EDITED

More to come tomorrow….stay tuned!


Latest & Greatest News, May 2014

Our {Long} Weekend Recap

Hope you all enjoyed your Memorial Day Weekend 2014! It was for sure a H.O.T. one in our neck of the woods. My, oh my, were we feeling the summertime temps, or what, already?!?!

When Liam gets a little older, we will explain to him the real reason for the holiday this weekend. Until, then, it was just an extra long & fun weekend for him. Overall, though, we kept it pretty low-key. He & I battled a stomach bug most of the week, so we spent the 1st part of the weekend playing catch up with chores & what-not. Daddy was a trooper with helping to take care of both of us & the house!

Once everyone’s bellies were feeling better, we indulged in some yummy ice cream cones after dinner. 🙂

Daddy says this was Liam’s FIRST ice cream CONE …I haven’t been able to locate any other pics of him eating a cone, so he may be right because ya know I would have documented that! LOL …He wouldn’t stop moving while eating this one, so it’s not the best shot, but here ya go:

2014-05-23_1st ice cream cone 001

On Sunday, we decided to head out to Cocoa Beach for a day of fun in the sun. Two things I learned after our trip. One, Liam needs a bigger sun hat (last years is too small….yet still so cute). Two, if we’re going to frequent the beach this summer, we need an umbrella. The Florida sun is brutal.

Liam loved the playing in both the sand and the water. While he would be in the water with us, he would sing, “we’ll be swimming in the ocean all day long…splish, splash”.

2014-05-24_Cocoa Beach_Fischer Park 004

2014-05-24_Cocoa Beach_Fischer Park 007

2014-05-24_Cocoa Beach_Fischer Park 015

2014-05-24_Cocoa Beach_Fischer Park 012

2014-05-24_Cocoa Beach_Fischer Park 017

2014-05-24_Cocoa Beach_Fischer Park 016

The other highlight of our weekend was that Mr. Liam taught himself how to do a somersault. Well, I guess, I should 1st clarify to say that I believe one of his little friends at school helped show him how, as I observed this from my glimpses on the camera. It was actually pretty hilarious and I wish I had been able to catch that on video. He must have felt confident in his new skill to show it to us because this is what he did on Saturday.

To end our weekend, last night, after bath, he proceeded to tell us that he loved us & that we were “the best day ever” ….I don’t think it gets much better than that, folks!


Until next time!