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The weather in the evenings last week was so nice! We took advantage of the {slight} drop in humidity and went to visit our neighborhood duckies one night after work.

There is something about this quick photo I snapped of these two that I just love. Just a little moment stolen quietly between Daddy & son….they didn’t know I was “watching” 🙂

2014-08-28_family walk 001

Liam & I drive by this pond every morning on the way to his school. We always say ‘good morning, duckies’ as we go by. It’s just something I started way back when, and I can’t stop now…lol. So, he really gets a kick out of walking up to try to say hi to them in person.

2014-08-28_family walk 008

We decided it would be fun for little man {and us} to invest in a family pass to the Orlando Science Center. It really is an awesome deal, if you look into it. Liam LOVED it…and we didn’t even go through all the floors, yet. We are saving some for our next trip.

Lately, Liam has totally been into reading his Curious George book. Well, the Science Center had a traveling exhibit of Curious George, and he was over-joyed to check it out {as you can see from his face below}.

2014-08-31_Orlando Science Center 001

One of the rooms had play trains, planes, cars, etc. Obviously, this choo-choo was a fav! I was trying to get him to say ‘cheese’…but instead, I got a ‘choo-choo’ 🙂

2014-08-31_Orlando Science Center 009

Here are the boys playing with wooden derby cars on a huge track.

2014-08-31_Orlando Science Center Collage


2014-08-31_Orlando Science Center 036

Kidstown! was a clear winner to this little dude. In this area, there was a water table that was like a large rock. I love that they had plastic smocks we could put on Liam to keep his clothes dry. Awesome! You can imagine that it was NOT easy to pull him away. He and another little boy started playing together, and both began singing “Under the Sea” from the “Little Mermaid” movie….too cute!

2014-08-31_Orlando Science Center 020

2014-08-31_Orlando Science Center 025

2014-08-31_Orlando Science Center 033

It was a great morning at OSC. We plan to go back again in a few weeks when they open up a new “BATS” exhibit, just in time for Halloween {yes, that’s coming…..omg}.


Until next time, friends!


1 thought on “Recent Happenings”

  1. OMG! The first picture of Liam with Stephen brought tears to my eyes!! This was a GREAT blog….and Liam is one lucky little boy!! I LOVE YOU LIAM MICHAEL………Grammy.


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