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Recent Happenings

The weather in the evenings last week was so nice! We took advantage of the {slight} drop in humidity and went to visit our neighborhood duckies one night after work.

There is something about this quick photo I snapped of these two that I just love. Just a little moment stolen quietly between Daddy & son….they didn’t know I was “watching” 🙂

2014-08-28_family walk 001

Liam & I drive by this pond every morning on the way to his school. We always say ‘good morning, duckies’ as we go by. It’s just something I started way back when, and I can’t stop now…lol. So, he really gets a kick out of walking up to try to say hi to them in person.

2014-08-28_family walk 008

We decided it would be fun for little man {and us} to invest in a family pass to the Orlando Science Center. It really is an awesome deal, if you look into it. Liam LOVED it…and we didn’t even go through all the floors, yet. We are saving some for our next trip.

Lately, Liam has totally been into reading his Curious George book. Well, the Science Center had a traveling exhibit of Curious George, and he was over-joyed to check it out {as you can see from his face below}.

2014-08-31_Orlando Science Center 001

One of the rooms had play trains, planes, cars, etc. Obviously, this choo-choo was a fav! I was trying to get him to say ‘cheese’…but instead, I got a ‘choo-choo’ 🙂

2014-08-31_Orlando Science Center 009

Here are the boys playing with wooden derby cars on a huge track.

2014-08-31_Orlando Science Center Collage


2014-08-31_Orlando Science Center 036

Kidstown! was a clear winner to this little dude. In this area, there was a water table that was like a large rock. I love that they had plastic smocks we could put on Liam to keep his clothes dry. Awesome! You can imagine that it was NOT easy to pull him away. He and another little boy started playing together, and both began singing “Under the Sea” from the “Little Mermaid” movie….too cute!

2014-08-31_Orlando Science Center 020

2014-08-31_Orlando Science Center 025

2014-08-31_Orlando Science Center 033

It was a great morning at OSC. We plan to go back again in a few weeks when they open up a new “BATS” exhibit, just in time for Halloween {yes, that’s coming…..omg}.


Until next time, friends!


August 2014, Randomness

Friday Funnies

TGIF….It has been a loooong week, peeps. Am I right?!?!

I don’t know about you, but I could use a good laugh right now to help close out my week. When I was thinking about what I could share with you for this, I quickly thought of Liam’s recent new dance moves 🙂

We have been watching quite a lot of Toy Story these days….in particular, Toy Story 3. Little dude loves him some Ken. He thinks he is hysterical & can now recite many lines that Ken has throughout the movie. One part that he gets a kick out of is the fashion show that Ken does for Barbie in “Ken’s Dream House”.

Here is how it goes in the movie:

Here is Liam’s interpretation while watching 🙂

Enjoy your weekend, friends!!


August 2014, Latest & Greatest News

Back To School

I don’t really want to say that’s “summer’s over”, since it’s a billion degrees still here in the sunshine state. However, the county schools all went back today, as did the university where this mama works & calls her Alma mater …thus, I thought it would be cute to join in the Pinterest-y fun of #backtoschool photos that are flooding social media today and post our own spin on it….plus, it let’s us start a new fun, tradition! 🙂

2014-08-18_EPS KRK 350 2

It’s not really Liam’s 1st day in the Early Preschool Dept but it is his 1st day with his new teacher, Ms Brittany so I think that counts 🙂 ….and, it’s the start of a new school year in his room. I think he will be with her until January, so that’s a good while.

2014-08-18_EPS KRK 350 1

Because I’m a sap, and was thinking about doing this picture last night, I got to thinking out his VERY 1st day of daycare, period. While, back then, I was too emotional to even think about doing a picture, period….the daycare actually DID snap one! How cool was that? I thought I would share with you ….


This was taken on Dec 5th 2011. I remember picking out that onsie {still have it, by the way….tucked away}. This emotional mama got teary eyed seeing this pic because that was actually Liam’s 1st time sitting in a high-chair AND his 1st time holding a crayon {at 4 months old…lol!}. I think the look on his face here is, “WTF is this green thing in my hand?!?! And, what I am supposed to do with it? Eat it?” hahaha!!


Ms. Kathy, if you’re reading this post, I’m sure you remember this!! I could not have made it through those 1st few weeks without you and the rest of the wonderful ladies of Suite 100!! 🙂 … We ❤ you!!


Hope everyone has a WONDERFUL 1st week at school….no matter what your role is!!


August 2014, Latest & Greatest News

Recent Happenings

Last weekend, we were off to celebrate another friend turning a fabulous 3-year’s old. Oh, the life of a 3-year old, indeed….such a hard one….. 🙂

s2014-08-10_aria bday party 4

It was a Little Mermaid themed soiree, so I tried to keep our guy in beachy attire 😉

We took this fun selfie before some snacks. The above pic was actually ALL him hamming it up. Totally cracked me up, and I was actually amazed I was able to snap the pic of that pose.

2014-08-10_mommy and liam

There was a super big & super fun bouncy house / water slide out back. Liam gave it one good go & that was it for him. He much preferred the pool, but he was still all smiles at the end of this trip.

 2014-08-10_water slide collage

This past week was considered the “end of summer” at school (daycare) for Liam. I think it’s mainly because all the summer camp programs are done and the county schools are back in session tomorrow.

So, it was “School Spirit” week with different fun activities sprinkled for the kiddos throughout the week. I didn’t get pics of everything, but here’s some highlights….

Thursday, was “Pajama Day”. Love this! I mean, who wouldn’t ❤ to wear their PJ’s all day?!?! Super comfy & laid back. That’s my kind of perfect.

2014-08-14_pajama day

Liam & his teacher, Ms. Laura. We actually found out this week that it was our last week with Ms. Laura as Liam’s teacher {huge bummer}. He has been with her all summer & has really learned so much from her.  She’s one of those teachers that you know your child has really bonded with & has grown by leaps & bounds in such a short time. We are truly going to miss her!!

2014-08-14_liam and ms laura 3

Liam, below, with some of his pals at school on Pajama Day.

2014-08-14_pajama day KRK

Friday was Jersey Day! If you all know Stephen, then you know if absolutely killed him that we don’t have a Giants jersey that fits Liam right now…..but you all know that it’s almost impossible to keep the kiddos in clothes these days. Man, do they grow fast, or what?!?! We do, however, have this very cool Orlando Magic jersey that was just a tad snug, but we made it work 🙂

2014-08-15_jersey day KRK

To end their fun week, the kids had a party. Since it was Ms. Laura’s last day, they also called it a “good bye” party for her. It really worked out perfect because she, and his new teacher, Ms. Brittany, did an awesome job of working with the kids all week and then explaining to them was what happening. I was very thankful for that, and it really helped Liam. We, obviously, talked more to him about it at home, but he really didn’t have any questions for us because the ladies did such a great job at school ❤

2014-08-15_KRK Summer Party

Not the greatest quality, as it’s a picture of a picture, but this is of Liam’s class on Friday with Ms. Laura.

We will miss you, too, Ms. Laura ❤

2014-08-15_ms laura class 350 KRK

 Everyone’s gearing up for a busy week, this week. How about you?

Until next time!


August 2014, Latest & Greatest News

Liam’s 3rd Birthday Party {part 2}

If you missed yesterday’s post with the 1st part of our birthday party fun, you can catch up here.

The kids really had a ball at My Gym with the staff and all the train themed activities that were intermingled with their free-play time during the 2 hour fiesta. Stephen & I honestly didn’t have to worry about anything. It was perfect!

2014-08-03_Liam 3rd Bday Party 028

Bubbles — Bubbles — Bubbles Everywhere!!

2014-08-03_Liam 3rd Bday Party 029

It’s a “train wash” 🙂 …this was so cute! The kids could ride through the bumpers to “wash” their “train” with the bubbles….lol. Gotta love that. Very creative!

2014-08-03_Liam 3rd Bday Party 040

This is a few action shots of another creative activity. Just before this, all the children were sitting in a circle on the carpet, and Ms. McKenzie told them that one of the train’s, Diesel, came by and made a big mess. Ms. Kendall then scattered all these bean bags , balls, and pom poms across the gym while they had their eyes closed. The kids were then asked to help clean up the “train yard” by putting each type of item together in it’s own bin (e.g., all the bean bags in one bin, all the balls in another, etc.).

 2014-08-03_Liam 3rd Bday Party 061

They all did so good and enjoyed helping to clean up. Again, really cute! ….even the smaller kiddos liked to join in 🙂

2014-08-03_Liam 3rd Bday Party 059

So happy to have cousin, Sierra, to celebrate with us ❤ ….although impossible to get these two to look at the camera together 😉

2014-08-03_Liam 3rd Bday Party 075

Taking a spin with our friend, Brandon, on the “birthday train”

2014-08-03_Liam 3rd Bday Party 079

Way to go, Kenadie! Great balancing!

2014-08-03_Liam 3rd Bday Party 094

I caught this little gymnast hanging from the uneven bars like this several times. Ha! Perhaps he is trying to tell us something?

2014-08-03_Liam 3rd Bday Party 084

The ball pit was a huge hit with all the kids!

Below, Crosby was getting a kick out of his big sister Kenley playing around.

2014-08-03_Liam 3rd Bday Party 083

Nathan & Liam plotting mischief 😉

2014-08-03_Liam 3rd Bday Party 086

Brandon!! 🙂

2014-08-03_Liam 3rd Bday Party 004

I ,most likely, was telling him to NOT fall in while snapping this shot 😉

2014-08-03_Liam 3rd Bday Party 005

Trampoline! This was the very 1st thing Liam ran over to once he got into My Gym. The ladies at the gym even complimented how good of a jumper he was….haha!

2014-08-03_Liam 3rd Bday Party 001

Activities ended with this super fun ride on the zip line! Liam actually did not enjoy it that much, but he had just taken a little spill just before this began so I think that played a part. Poor little dude.

2014-08-03_Liam 3rd Bday Party 158

What a great celebration for this little man! We could not have asked for a better time. To everyone who came out to play with us — THANK YOU!! It meant so much to us and to Liam. He really did have the best time. To others who were not able to make it there, but celebrated in spirit and/or helped out in other ways, we thank you, as well, and you know who are!!

I know I said it before on my personal Facebook page, but I want to say it again here…..thank you ALL for the sweet birthday wishes to Liam over his whole birthday weekend. We really felt the love for our little guy and his tender heart appreciated it, as well. It was awesome ❤ ❤

We could not have asked for a better 3rd birthday celebration!! So blessed.


August 2014, Latest & Greatest News

Liam’s 3rd Birthday Party {part 1}

We had a fantastic time at Liam’s 3rd birthday party a few Sunday’s ago!

I have been dying to share the invites that went out but wanted to wait until after the party, for obvious reasons {note: my contact info is whited out for privacy}. I ordered these from the most wonderful little shop on Etsy, MaitriDsigns. The shop owner, Rhianna, was so great to work with & had excellent customer service! She was super speedy with her design and delivery. She even custom designed the cute inserts that we used for the party info that some of you all received. I highly recommend for any party needs and we will definitely use her again!

Liam_5x7 edit for blog

My regular local gal for Liam’s holiday & special occasion shirts was on hiatus this summer {to spend more family time….can’t blame her for that}, so I had to seek out someone new for little man’s party shirt. I found someone via Etsy. While I was happy with this shirt, below, overall….I have to say there was absolutely no customer service. So, that was disappointing. No acknowledgement of my order….not even a business card dropped in the bag with the mailout. Bummer…but, again, super cute shirt.

2014-08_Liam 3rd Bday Shirt 001

With the help of Liam’s Grammy & Papa Rock, we were able to order these yummy Thomas the Train decorated cookies to distribute as party favors. They came from Favor Bakery in Winter Haven. What a wonderful job these ladies did! They tasted as delicious as they looked ❤ ….Liam’s 1st pick was Thomas, of course 🙂

2014-08-01_Thomas Cookie Collage

The idea for a Thomas the Train themed party really 1st came from Liam {naturally}. It sprouted from him seeing this Thomas Signature Cake on display at our Publix for the last few months. Everytime we went by it while shopping, he would tell us that he wanted THAT cake for his birthday. So, once I eventually asked him what kind decorations he would like for his birthday party, he matter-of-factly told me, Thomas, and asked if he could have this cake. There was NO WAY, he was forgetting about this cake.

2014-08-03_Liam 3rd Bday Party 011

When we 1st went to order the cake, the bakery told us they thought it was discontinued. Talk about a heart attack….long story short, Publix came through and did a FAB job. It really was an awesome cake….and deceptively large {very tall}. We ate cake for a week, peeps! LOL 🙂

2014-08-03_Liam 3rd Bday Party 010

Liam’s party was held at My Gym in Maitland. It was amazing! What a great facility for little one’s to play. As part of the birthday package, Liam & his guests received free passes to enjoy another class, and we can’t wait to bring him back! The staff that assisted with our party were so friendly and worked great with all the kids.

2014-08-03_Liam 3rd Bday Party 009

I love this pic above! We literally had to snatch Liam up really quick as he was running around the gym & tell him to say ‘cheese’.

2014-08-03_Liam 3rd Bday Party 015

The kids had free time to explore and play throughout the facility, but then the staff would also periodically gather them together to conduct group activities that were all train themed. It was such a fun time!!

2014-08-03_Liam 3rd Bday Party 021

2014-08-03_Liam 3rd Bday Party 049

Liam dancing in center stage during once of the activities 😉

2014-08-03_Liam 3rd Bday Party 024

During this activity below, the kids went for a ride on the “choo-choo train”. Liam wasn’t too sure about this one, at first, as you can see him checking out Kenley & Karsten in this pic, here.

2014-08-03_Liam 3rd Bday Party 067

However, then he decided they were having a great time. so he hopped on & it was all smiles! Kenadie, Thompson & Brandon also enjoyed the train 🙂

2014-08-03_Liam 3rd Bday Party 069

It was so nice to have Great Grandma & Uncle Kenny come to the party, as well!

2014-08-03_Liam 3rd Bday Party 018

We have a lot more pics of the kiddos to share & I have decided to break those up into a 2nd part post for tomorrow, so this one isn’t as long.

However, let’s skip ahead to the CAKE …yum!

Look at that face when the girls brought it over… that priceless, or what?!?! {I didn’t even notice the super cute folded hands until I was looking at these pics days later…..heart.melted }

 2014-08-03_Liam 3rd Bday Party 118

Lighting 3 candles for the 3 year old birthday boy!!!

2014-08-03_Liam 3rd Bday Party 126

Singing Happy Birthday! Again, I LOVE his face…..there is nothing better than the sheer joy you see. All the planning & prep for the day — THAT makes it ALL worth it.

2014-08-03_Liam 3rd Bday Party 131

Make a wish….Blow out the candles little dude!!!

2014-08-03_Liam 3rd Bday Party 138

Everyone hanging out …enjoying yummy cake & pizza!

2014-08-03_Liam 3rd Bday Party 148

One of my fav pics of the day ….so hard to get everyone smiling at once but that’s okay. Wonderful memories!

2014-08-03_Liam 3rd Bday Party 143

Stay tuned for Part #2 of the Birthday Party tomorrow!! 🙂


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