Latest & Greatest News, May 2015

Memorial Day Weekend {Part 1}

Last week started off as any other week, but quickly went south for me, as I spent a majority of it feeling pretty crappy. I came down with a bug and it threw us all off. So thankful to Daddy for picking up the extra slack while I was down. Me and the fur baby bonded a lot ….as you can see below ❤

2015-05-19_Timber 001EDITED

During the week, my heart melted for a minute when the little dude took Timber on a walk solo for the 1st time (in our cul-de-sac) ….he was SO proud of himself. I was, too, & I was proud of Timber for letting his “little” bro take the reigns 🙂 — really was a special moment for these two!

2015-05-16_walking timber 1st time alone 001EDITED

By Friday, I was starting to feel half-way normal, so we wanted to kick-off our weekend. Let me begin, by first sharing with you this completely appropriate article I came across for Memorial Day that was posted on The Washington Post & written by a veteran. You can find it here. While many of us (our little fam included) often refer to this weekend as the unofficial start of summer, or a reason to have a cookout — it’s really NOT why we have this holiday. I want to ensure our little one knows about that as we bring him up & we take pause to not forget.


We all had the day off of work & school on Friday, so Liam excitedly said we were on vacation throughout the long weekend….I was good with that. To get some fresh air for us all, we decided to go out to the beach for a walk. He had been asking for weeks (literally) to go, and since I wasn’t up to a full day in the sand, just yet —- this was the next best thing. The ocean breeze was beautiful, and the water was cool.

2015-05-22_Titusville Beach Walk 010EDITED

tiny footprints in the sand ❤ …..

2015-05-22_Titusville Beach Walk 015EDITED

On Sunday, we went to Disney!! ….more about that a little later 🙂

2015-05-24_magic kingdomEDITED

We enjoyed Memorial Day on Monday with good friends. Barbeque and poolside — couldn’t ask for a better afternoon & end to our long weekend.

2015-05-25_Memorial Day BBQ 006EDITED

These two above had so much fun pouring cups of water from the pool on each other & their dads — just the little things, ya know? 😉

Slip n’ Sliding Fun…..

2015-05-25_Memorial Day BBQ 005EDITED

More to come tomorrow….stay tuned!


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