June 2016, Latest & Greatest News

Liam’s Pre-K Graduation

On Saturday, June 11th, we celebrated Liam’s graduation from Pre-Kindergarten! It was a great day & a wonderful recognition of all his hard work & FUN that he and his fellow classmates did throughout this last year.

Leading up to his big day, I knew I wanted to do something extra special to commemorate the occasion. I headed to good, old, trusty Pinterest for some inspiration. The popular idea these days for a K-12 theme, or even just elementary years, is to use the Dr. Seuss book, ‘Oh, the Places You Will Go‘ and have the child’s teachers throughout the years sign/write in it. I LOVE that idea, and I just morphed that a bit & just did it for Pre-K.

2016-06-11_Liam VPK Graduation 060

His teachers, Mrs. Samar & Ms. Kaylee, wrote on several pages inside, and even included some special pics & items from the walls in the classroom ❤ …Since he knew the other full-time VPK teachers, we also asked them to share some memories in his book. I still would like to get other teachers from over the last few years that have taught him at the school to sign it, so that’s a goal for the summer 🙂

2016-06-11_Liam VPK Graduation 059

2016-06-11_Liam VPK Graduation 058

His graduation ceremony was on Saturday morning, so we had a few fun decorations & small gifts waiting for him as a surprise when he came home on Friday.

2016-06-11_Liam VPK Graduation 055

It was seriously THE CUTEST ceremony! The school did a patriotic theme. His class wore all blue cap & gown. All the children came into the Pomp & Circumstance March. I will admit that part did make me tear up a little because all I could picture as I saw his sweet face appear walking down the aisle was him twelve years from now at 18 for his high school graduation! I mean really ….a mama’s heart can only take so much before it just overflows with love ❤

2016-06-11_Liam VPK Graduation 017

All the classes sang ‘Grand ‘Ole Flag‘ together 🙂 ….look at his smile! He was so proud & excited!

2016-06-11_Liam VPK Graduation 018

Each class sang a song together individually. We knew, from him practicing at home, that his class was singing ‘Head, Shoulders, Knees, & Toes‘. However, we did NOT know about this MOST AMAZING choreography that went along with it or the Latin flair! 🙂 ….Hands down, this was my favorite part of the ceremony. Liam’s dancing was spot on!!!

2016-06-11_Liam VPK Graduation 049

The school honored & recognized the children who had been there all the way since the infant room. Of the huge group of kiddos, there were only 5 of them that completed this, and these 5 we have been pretty close with over the years. They have all been in class together. Hopefully, we can stay in contact with most of them. Obviously, we will be hanging out with Kenadie & family still. Liam is going to elementary school with another, so that’s good too.

The infant room is Suite 100, so the kids were each inducted into the “Sweet 100” club and given a medal of recognition ❤

2016-06-11_Liam VPK Graduation 014

2016-06-11_Liam VPK Graduation 011

2016-06-11_Liam VPK Graduation 024

Receiving his diploma from his teachers, Ms. Kaylee and Mrs. Samar

2016-06-11_Liam VPK Graduation 009

Getting ready for the finale & standing out from the crowd with his medal 🙂

2016-06-11_Liam VPK Graduation 008

All the classes sang the school’s theme song together at the end of the ceremony

Congratulations to the 2015/16 VPK graduates!!

2016-06-11_Liam VPK Graduation 007

My best attempt at a class picture after the ceremony. All the kiddos were pretty much done by this point. Forget about getting them all to look at the camera — LOL!

2016-06-11_Liam VPK Graduation 036

family picture!

2016-06-11_Liam VPK Graduation 033

My dad & stepmom came to see Liam’s graduation, and he was thrilled!! He loves his Papa-G and G-Ma ❤

2016-06-11_Liam VPK Graduation 023

The little man of the day!! …I had to bride him to take this one last picture…hahaha!!

2016-06-11_Liam VPK Graduation 030

Liam & Kenadie — friends forever ❤

2016-06-11_Liam VPK Graduation 028

graduation ice cream cake + pajama’s = the end of a fabulous celebratory weekend!!

2016-06-11_Liam VPK Graduation 002

I still cannot wrap my mind around that Pre-Kindergarten is done. I feel like he was just transitioning back to the VPK building yesterday in some ways. However, we also see tremendous growth this last year! Academically, our minds our blown. He was a sponge and learned an unbelievable amount. Far more, really, than we ever thought they would even teach in Pre-K….I mean, he’s doing MATH already, reading some sight words, and can write all his letters in upper & lower case. I could go on & on with all that he has learned and can do since this time last year. He worked so hard this year, but we could tell that he really enjoyed learning it all as they went along. I have to give huge kudos to his teachers for this! They were awesome!! Even though he has a late birthday in the summertime, and like me, he will always be young in his grade, we have no reservations about him starting Kindergarten this year. He is ready! 🙂

We continue to be so very proud of our sweet boy. He truly is our heart-string & just brings us such joy.

Until next time, friends!

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June 2016, Latest & Greatest News

Sharing Grief with Our Littlest ~ #OrlandoLove

Hi Friends!

My latest post with Orlando Moms Blog is up today and it’s definitely one that I wrote from my heartstrings. ❤


Sharing Grief with Our Littlest #OrlandoLove

You can link to the full post HERE.


Our Orlando community experienced insurmountable tragedy in recent days, but in the wake of this, we have pulled together and will rise above with LOVE and as one, strong  community unit, as well as county. I did not want to necessarily talk to our little one about this just yet, but it kind of just naturally unfolded. However, I did so in a way that was age appropriate and with love and respect to his little heart & mind.


thanks for reading!

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June 2016, Latest & Greatest News

Preparing for Pre-K Graduation — A Look Back at Daycare

How is this day already here?!?! ~ Liam’s Pre-Kindergarten graduation is TOMORROW! I can hardly believe it. We are on the heals of ‘big boy school‘. Watching him evolve & grow throughout this year, I’ve been thinking a lot about this day & what it means for him and for our family. It really is such a huge milestone.

He has spent the last 4 years at the same daycare, and as I wrote in THIS post not that long ago, we really have entrusted his care & learning to the hands of the teachers & staff at his school. You have to advocate for your kiddos at this young age and trust your parental gut & heart. Also, I think it’s vital that you communicate with whomever is caring for them. That was vital for our family. Stephen & I couldn’t be there since we had to work. That’s why we chose daycare, but we still wanted to know what he was doing and learning. We didn’t just drop off & pick up. We stopped and greeted  his teachers and said hello. It makes a HUGE difference. They love your child like their own ❤

That said, I went through our memories over the last 4 years at Kids R Kids & pulled out some highlights 🙂

1st EVER day at school! …and, 1st time in a high chair & using a crayon & doing a craft project. All at a mere 4 months old. (I remember that my heart just about exploded when I saw this picture…so many firsts all at once!) ~ 12.16.11


Another fun project while in the infant room ~ 3.13.12

2012-03-15_school project 3.13.12

Class picture from the Infant Room ~ Suite 100 ….Look at the chunker in the middle front row!

2012-03_Suite 100 School Pic

This pic was taken in June 2013, but this was of Liam reading a VERY special book — “Time For A Hug“. Our favorite teacher from the infant room, Ms. Kathy, gave it to him when he graduated from that room with her. We still have it ❤ …torn pages & all…lol!

2013-06_reading Time For A Hug

1st Water Day ~ Toddler Room, Suite 200 6.27.13

2013-06-27_daycare splash day_5

Holiday’s have always been super fun at school. Valentine’s Day Party in Suite 150 ~ 2.14.13


Class Picture from Suite 200 ~ 4.9.13

2013-04-09_Suite 200 School Pic

When he moved to the other side of the building where all the Preschool Rooms were, we graduated to our 1st backpack. It will forever be called ‘giraffe backpack‘ around here, and while we stopped using it on a daily basis in Pre-K for space issues, I don’t think I can ever part with it…..Cuteness overload ❤ ❤ ~ 7.29.13 (1st day in Suite 250)

2013-07-29_1st day with backpack

Happiness is …Pajama Day, Suite 250 ~ 10.23.13

2013-10-23_pajama day_2

Saying good-bye to one of the BEST teachers EVER. Ms Kathy!! ❤ ~ 11.23.13

2013-11-22_Miss Kathy

MLK art project excitement, Suite 250 ~ 1.22.14

2014-01-22_MLK art project

Celebrating another Valentine’s  with more of our fav teachers — Ms. Jenn & Ms. Tamie!! Cannot say enough about how much he loved his time with these ladies.  ~ 2.14.14

2014-02-14_valentine party_6

Mardi Gra fun in Ms. Candice’s room, Suite 300 😉 …Ms. Candice is a saint & so kind for working with this mama bear through the trials of potty training! ~ 3.04.14

2014-03-04_mardi gras_1

So proud of his bird feeder project he made with Ms. Laura in Suite 350!  ~ 6.18.14

2014-06-18_bird feeder project 005

He was only in Ms. Laura’s class for a few months but he still talks about her from time to time. She was a great teacher. She taught him to count to twenty in Spanish & he still remembers, today! ~ 8.14.14

2014-08-14_liam and ms laura 3

Liam’s 1st drawing that wasn’t ‘scribble scrabble’. I remember that I almost fell over when I saw this hanging up in his room. SO proud 🙂  ~ 1.29.15

2015-01-29_brown bear_1st drawing

Last day with Ms. Dignora, Suite 400 for Preschool. She taught him to LOVE circle time & the days of the week song!  ~ 6.05.15

2015-06-05_KRK Last Day Preschool _Ms Dignora 001

Last June, Liam was excited to move back to the ‘big kids‘ building from the main center. We started early VPK for the summer in prep for VPK/Pre-K all year. It honestly was a harder transition on me than him (or Daddy…lol.) He flourished under the care & instruction of Ms. Samar! I like to peak at him from time-to-time on the camera access to see how his day is going, and sometimes, I really catch some hilarious tid bits. Here is one a snapped a screen shot of — he was ‘talking on the phone’ ….Love it!!, Early VPK, Suite 400EC ~ 6.18.15

2015-06-18_KRK talking on phone 001

and then….VPK officially started! ~ 8.24.15

2015-08-24_1st Day Pre K

A favorite art project from Pre-K — Family Tree Drawing ~ 9.15.15

2015-09-15_Family Tree

Circle time was seriously a fav for little dude. If we happened to go into school later on a given day than normal, he was adamant that he did not want to miss circle time. Love our little learner ❤ ~ 10.22.15

2015-10-22_KRK_Reading Educators Day

All in blue in honor of World Diabetes Day // LOVES this playground …also Ms. Kaylee!  ~ 11.13.15

2015-11-13_KRK World Diabetes Day

Throughout his time here, we are thankful for the many opportunities for the parents to visit & be involved. We are also fortunate that are work schedules allow us to do this, too. While we Stephen & I normally swap events, this past Thanksgiving family lunch, we surprised little dude & both came ❤  ~ 11.25.15

2015-11-25_KRK Thanksgiving Lunch

This was one of THE cutest productions ever. Liam performed his heart out & ate up the attention. All the kids & teachers did a wonderful job. It was adorable! — Pre-K Holiday Program ~ 12.17.15

2015-12-17_KRK PreK Holiday Program 5

In-House field trip & the resulting painting was the coolest. Liam had a ball! — Yes, You CANvas ~ 12.23.15

2015-12-23_KRK Yes You Canvas 4

VPK brought on homework (or, extra activities) for the 1st time, but this little man tackled them each week like such a big boy. They always were family activities & they really helped reinforce what he was learning in the classroom. We also confirmed this year that he is a lefty, like his mama 🙂 ~ 1.16.16

2016-01-06_homework time 001

 VPK Garden — planting sunflower seeds with Ms. Samar– This activity was what sparked his interest in gardening and honestly, it lit a fire of interest that we love. We’ve now planted our own garden at home due to his request! ~ 3.11.16
2016-03-11_KRK Garden Project

VPK — Another screen shot I grabbed because of cuteness overload. — Liam ‘reading’ to his class. I later asked him & he was turning the pages while they were listening the CD read the story…still impressive! ~ 4.11.16
2016-04-11_KRK Liam reading to class

VPK Graduation Picture!!! ~ June 2016

1379_POSE 1254 CD

From December 2011 to June 2016 — oh, how far our sweet, sweet boy has come! ❤

Kindergarten bound now…..we can hardly believe it! Thank you to everyone who has loved him, hugged him, and taught him along the way. You have made a profound impact on our family, and we cannot thank you enough.

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June 2016, Latest & Greatest News

Liam’s Dedication

On Sunday, May 15th, we proudly dedicated Liam at our church ~ Discovery Church.

2016-05-15_Liam Church Dedication 2

Parent dedication is a public commitment you make before God, your church, and your family. You express your desire, as parents, to lead & spiritually nurture your son in cooperation with the Holy Spirit, so he will develop a desire to love God and love others.

While it took us a long time to get in gear & get back into church, we are so thrilled with the church we now call home. There is nothing better than watching your child grow to love learning about the Lord & about all the bible stories that you have known since you were a child. While both Stephen & I feel knowledgeable in our faith, we definitely knew we needed to give Liam the opportunity to explore & learn on his own. Plus, he was beginning to ask questions & seek answers that I honestly didn’t feel adequate to answer on my own. We felt the best thing we could give him was this solid foundation to grown upon, but we also needed to lead by example. It has definitely been great for us as a family ❤

2016-05-15_DC Dedication Liam 1

Standing before the congregation with Pastor Mike….introducing our family & all praying together.

2016-05-15_DC Dedication Liam 2

“For this boy I prayed, and the Lord has given me my petition which I asked of Him. So I have also dedicated him to the Lord; as long as he lives he is dedicated to the Lord.”

1 Samuel 1: 27-28

2016-05-15_DC Dedication Liam 5

2016-05-15_Liam Church Dedication 5

It was a very special & meaningful morning for our family ❤

Until next time,

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Latest & Greatest News, May 2016

Our {Long} Weekend Recap

We headed to my dad & stepmom’s up in Jacksonville for Memorial Day weekend, and we had a great time with them. We don’t get a chance to take many overnight trips, or ‘get-aways’ so it’s always nice to head up there when we can.

2016-05-29_Enzos Dinner Jax 002

It was a relaxing & laid back weekend, overall. Those are always the best ones, right? Liam loved helping his Papa-G and G-Ma with various tasks around their house 😉 …Here’s a pic we snapped of Liam helping bake some cookies ❤

2016-05-28_Cooking with G-Ma 002

We all enjoyed some fun in the sun out at the MOST gorgeous beach house in the Ponte Vedra area. The weather was beautiful & the we soaked in the rays & splashed in the water. This view will never get old….

2016-05-29_Beach House 4

2016-05-29_Beach House 6

Love this sweet boy ….

2016-05-29_Beach House 1

He was the best swimmer all weekend. We were so proud & we know Ms. Katie would be, too 🙂

Hanging out with his Papa…

2016-05-29_Memorial Day Weekend Jax 001

Swimming with G-ma…

2016-05-29_Memorial Day Weekend Jax 003

The house had it’s own private boardwalk out to the beach. So very nice….

2016-05-29_Memorial Day Weekend Jax 011

We played on the sand & in the waves for a bit. The rip currents were pretty strong, though, so we didn’t go too far out.

2016-05-29_Memorial Day Weekend Jax 006

Love this family of mine ❤ ….

2016-05-29_Memorial Day Weekend Jax 009

We will definitely be frequenting the beach this summer! Liam loves it just as much as I did as a kid, and still do!

Until next time friends 🙂

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