Latest & Greatest News, November 2014

Our Happy Thanksgiving

Yes, I know…I am a solid week late with posting this πŸ˜‰ ….Busy times, peeps, buuuut, but better late than never, right?!?! LOL!

We had a great day & I wanted to share some highlights. What Turkey Day isn’t complete without the Macy’s Parade? Liam was thrilled to see Thomas! I believe the announcer said this was the biggest balloon to ever make it’s debut in the parade.

2014-11-27_Thanksgiving 1

We spent the afternoon at Stephen’s uncle’s house with his family, which included Stephen’s Grandma {Liam’s Great Grandma}. More family was in town from out of state, so that was an added bonus. Liam really enjoyed himself.

Stephen’s uncle is super creative with the food spread, as you can see. He is also a wonderful cook. Everything was delish!

2014-11-27_Thanksgiving 3

2014-11-27_Thanksgiving 11

I found this shirt for little man at Old Navy and thought it was hilarious. Never thought he would actually REALLY LOVE turkey, but he totally did! That’s almost all he ate πŸ˜‰

2014-11-27_Thanksgiving 12

Such a cutie!

2014-11-27_Thanksgiving 6

quick family pic ❀

2014-11-27_Thanksgiving 10

Cheese with Great Grandma ❀

2014-11-27_Thanksgiving 14


The weekend was dedicated to getting the house full of Christmas cheer! To say that Liam was excited is an understatement. He was a big help with decorating the tree. We also had our elf {Mr. Elf} come back from the North Pole to visit us, but I’ll post more about that soon.

2014-11-30_tree deco 3

On Black Friday morning, Stephen & Liam headed out to Lowe’s to snatch up this great deal for just dollars. Liam has affectionately named him, “Donner” because he knows that’s Rudolph’s Daddy’s name πŸ˜‰ ….so stinkin’ cute!

2014-11-28_Donner at night

We have a few fun things planned as we get ready for Christmas & can’t wait to share them with you! Really love this time of the year. It’s a magical time!!

Until next time!


Latest & Greatest News, November 2014

Happy Birthday, Timber!

Today, we celebrate the 12th birthday of our fur baby, Timber ❀


It’s honestly hard to believe we have shared so many smiles, laughter & love with this awesome little guy. We are definitely looking forward to several more years to come of the same! To see a brief account of his story with us, you can check out his page on the blog HERE.

This picture below is from several years ago. His hair is much longer than what we keep it now, but he still LOVES to play outside like that on any given day. He is an avid chaser of lizards & squirrels πŸ™‚

Banana Tree 2

Although, he spent 9 years as an only child, Β he has been the best big brotherΒ  we could ask for. These two really love one another….cutest.thing.ever!


And, he is one dog that is NOT afraid to get comfy. Hahaha! Most nights, you find him asleep on the couch like this before any of us have even sat down yet πŸ˜‰


We love you so much Timber!! Our “boo boo man” xoxo ~~ Happy Birthday, little dude!!


Latest & Greatest News, November 2014

Thankful & Blessed

Today, we pause & reflect on how much we have to be thankful for, and all that we are blessed with. While I realize we should do this each & every day, today, we give it just a little bit of extra thanks ❀

My heart is full from each & every one of you, my family & friends. Thank you for caring about us and investing yourselves in our lives, and especially in the life of our sweet little man. That honestly, means more than I could ever express to you.

I am thankful today for all the little things that we sometimes take for granted…..the little things that are actually BIG things to many people…..a roof over our heads, our jobs, our health, laughter, & love.


Feeling a bit nostalgic on this beautiful morning, so here’s a look back on the last few year’s of Thanksgiving with our sweet little dude πŸ™‚ — can’t wait to add a new pic to this group later today!

[2011] – baby’s 1st thanksgiving!

Β 2011-11-24_2011_1st thanksgiving

look at those toes!

2011-11-24_1st thanksgiving 2011

[2012] — check out the 2 teeth on the bottom! — he also took his 1st two steps on this day!

2012-11-22 Turkey Day 2012 - Copy


2013-11-28_Thanksgiving 004

2013-11-28_Thanksgiving 011 - Copy

[2014] — obviously, this is taken pre- Turkey day, so we’ll be doing more photos today πŸ˜‰

2014-11-16_turkey craft 005


Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!


Latest & Greatest News, November 2014

Recent Happenings

Remember me? It’s definitely been awhile….this momma was sick these last few weeks & honestly, the thought of sitting at the computer (for anything other than what I had to do for work) was just not appealing.

In the meantime, life moved on, as it always does, right?!?! LOL…I just tried to keep up. Thankfully, I had Mr Murphy there to help and lucky for him, he didn’t get it. Liam got a touch of it, but I’m happy to report that we’re all feeling much better now.

So, here’s what we’ve been up to the last few weeks….


Halloween was so much fun! Liam was ALL about it! He was allowed to dress up for school, but yes, I was afraid his costume would get messed up soooooo he wore a back-up {go ahead & laugh….it’s ok}. He had a great time sporting his ‘Sheriff Woody’ costume all morning. We even saw from the cameras that he kept his hat on! — way to go, dude! πŸ™‚

2014-10-31_Halloween 004

Halloween night, we went over to our friend’s, the Bengels, and hung out for dinner {delish homemade pizza!} and then the kiddos trick-or-treated together. The ‘Hulk’ made his appearance for this main event!

2014-10-31_Halloween 008

Getting ready to hit the neighborhood! Liam walked the entire trip. Such a little trooper! He loved goingΒ up to the doors & saying, ‘trick-or-treat’ …he’s still talking about it, a few weeks later πŸ™‚

2014-10-31_Halloween 023

The next night, we headed back out to gather with our friends for a 2nd Annual S more’s Roast. It was the 1st cool night of the season, so it worked out perfectly! The adults attempted a roasted marshmallow Kahlua shot….pretty tasty, I must say.

2014-11-01_2nd Annual Smores Roast 006

The kiddos had a blast roasting marshmallows & making s more’s out back once it got dark.

2014-11-01_2nd Annual Smores Roast 030


Last weekend, we headed downtown for the Touch-A-Truck event. This is a community event where the kiddos can explore various big trucks, construction vehicles, and public safety equipment. Liam LOVED it!

Here he is checking out a steam roller.

2014-11-15_Touch A Truck Event 004

There were a few mini monster trucks there. He thought they were the coolest things ever.

2014-11-15_Touch A Truck Event 011

We even got to squeeze him into the driver seat of one. Such a big, little man πŸ˜‰

2014-11-15_Touch A Truck Event 015

Fire Truck!

2014-11-15_Touch A Truck Event 018


Saturday evening, we headed over to Mimi, Papa D & Aunt Heather’s to celebrate baby cousin, Sierra’s very 1st birthday ❀

2014-11-15_Sierra 1st Bday Party 007

Happy Birthday, sweet girl!

2014-11-15_Sierra 1st Bday Party 014

On Sunday, I got a little creative while daddy was watching football & made this turkey with Liam. I asked him for 5 things he was thankful for to write on each feather….He said: mommy, daddy, timber, rainbows, & letters ❀

2014-11-16_turkey craft 005

It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving will be here next week, but we’re definitely excited & looking forward to it.

Until next time, friends! πŸ™‚