Latest & Greatest News, November 2014

Recent Happenings

Remember me? It’s definitely been awhile….this momma was sick these last few weeks & honestly, the thought of sitting at the computer (for anything other than what I had to do for work) was just not appealing.

In the meantime, life moved on, as it always does, right?!?! LOL…I just tried to keep up. Thankfully, I had Mr Murphy there to help and lucky for him, he didn’t get it. Liam got a touch of it, but I’m happy to report that we’re all feeling much better now.

So, here’s what we’ve been up to the last few weeks….


Halloween was so much fun! Liam was ALL about it! He was allowed to dress up for school, but yes, I was afraid his costume would get messed up soooooo he wore a back-up {go ahead & laugh….it’s ok}. He had a great time sporting his ‘Sheriff Woody’ costume all morning. We even saw from the cameras that he kept his hat on! — way to go, dude! πŸ™‚

2014-10-31_Halloween 004

Halloween night, we went over to our friend’s, the Bengels, and hung out for dinner {delish homemade pizza!} and then the kiddos trick-or-treated together. The ‘Hulk’ made his appearance for this main event!

2014-10-31_Halloween 008

Getting ready to hit the neighborhood! Liam walked the entire trip. Such a little trooper! He loved goingΒ up to the doors & saying, ‘trick-or-treat’ …he’s still talking about it, a few weeks later πŸ™‚

2014-10-31_Halloween 023

The next night, we headed back out to gather with our friends for a 2nd Annual S more’s Roast. It was the 1st cool night of the season, so it worked out perfectly! The adults attempted a roasted marshmallow Kahlua shot….pretty tasty, I must say.

2014-11-01_2nd Annual Smores Roast 006

The kiddos had a blast roasting marshmallows & making s more’s out back once it got dark.

2014-11-01_2nd Annual Smores Roast 030


Last weekend, we headed downtown for the Touch-A-Truck event. This is a community event where the kiddos can explore various big trucks, construction vehicles, and public safety equipment. Liam LOVED it!

Here he is checking out a steam roller.

2014-11-15_Touch A Truck Event 004

There were a few mini monster trucks there. He thought they were the coolest things ever.

2014-11-15_Touch A Truck Event 011

We even got to squeeze him into the driver seat of one. Such a big, little man πŸ˜‰

2014-11-15_Touch A Truck Event 015

Fire Truck!

2014-11-15_Touch A Truck Event 018


Saturday evening, we headed over to Mimi, Papa D & Aunt Heather’s to celebrate baby cousin, Sierra’s very 1st birthday ❀

2014-11-15_Sierra 1st Bday Party 007

Happy Birthday, sweet girl!

2014-11-15_Sierra 1st Bday Party 014

On Sunday, I got a little creative while daddy was watching football & made this turkey with Liam. I asked him for 5 things he was thankful for to write on each feather….He said: mommy, daddy, timber, rainbows, & letters ❀

2014-11-16_turkey craft 005

It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving will be here next week, but we’re definitely excited & looking forward to it.

Until next time, friends! πŸ™‚


Latest & Greatest News, March 2014

Our Latest & Greatest

Last weekend, we had a whole lotta fun with this little guy. UCF hosted one of the “Touch-A-Truck” events that have been happening across Central FL in recent months, so we took advantage of this fun, FREE event to let Liam explore some of the big trucks that we see in our adventures driving around town. He thoroughly enjoyed it. Although, I will say, that I wish UCF also did the “horn free” times like the down-town event does, but that’s ok. The horns blowing on all the trucks (from the kiddos honking them) kinda scared our little man for a majority of the time, but then, he ended up honking the horn in this forklift πŸ™‚

2014-03-01_TouchATruck 031

Checking out the back of the fire truck….

2014-03-01_TouchATruck 004

Bulldozer….this was as close as he was willing to get at the moment. As I scrolled through these pictures, I couldn’t believe how grown up he was looking. Where is my baby going???

2014-03-01_TouchATruck 010

One of the horses from Orange County Sheriff’s Office was there. Since he LOVES his Mimi’s horses, he was thrilled to see this horse. However, he did not understand why he couldn’t sit on it. Haha!!

2014-03-01_TouchATruck 017

They did have a saddle to test out, though….that was fun!

2014-03-01_TouchATruck 018

One of the K-9’s from the UCF PD was also on hand….another high point for us. Liam was all like, “hi doggy!”. The officer was very kind and let us say hello.

2014-03-01_TouchATruck 030

We also thought it would be extra fun to take Liam someplace “magical” for dinner. So, Daddy decided for us all to go to the Gaylord Palms Hotel because they have the boat restaurant (Sunset Sams), and we could eat there. Liam has been pretty into Jake & the Neverland Pirates lately, so we told him this boat at the hotel was a pirate ship, like from Jake.

When we got there, we explored the hotel for a bit. It’s really a very cool place with so many interesting things to see. Outside, they had a few fireplaces going. Liam was VERY excited about these, as you can see….

2014-03-01_Gaylord Palms 001

2014-03-01_Gaylord Palms 004

Here is the boat with the restaurant inside part of the hotel…we ate here after exploring the hotel…

2014-03-01_Gaylord Palms 006

There was a gigantic fishing pole to play with. Liam called it a “crank” πŸ™‚

2014-03-01_Gaylord Palms 010

In the middle of the hotel, there was a beautiful two-story castle like structure to explore. With waterfalls…and even, small gators & turtles. Liam was amazed!!! So much fun to see through his eyes.

2014-03-01_Gaylord Palms Collage

In other news this week….

I NEVER win anything, BUT this week, I was super excited to win a $50 gift card from Liam’s daycare!!! I completed some online reviews for the daycare and was entered into a raffle.

2014-03-03_mommy and liam

Liam’s school celebrated Fat Tuesday with style this week!! Clearly, he was enjoying himself. This snapshot was during their little Mardi Gras parade.

2014-03-04_mardi gras_4

Several of you have asked about potty training updates. If you follow me on Instagram (@casademurphy) or on my personal facebook page, then you have some update, as I have posted some pics there. I will post on it….believe me, I have LOTS to say. I am just not there yet. I will tell you that, overall, things are going well with Liam,and we are still diaper free. We have definitely had our challenges, though. Potty Training is hard work…no doubt about that.


Until next time, peeps! Hope you all have a fab weekend & Happy Friday!!!