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Healthy Kids Running Series

If you follow us on Instagram, then you already know how much fun we had for Liam’s 1st Healthy Kids Running Series. Admittedly, it took me embarrassingly long to get these pics together, as the spring series ended in May, but I couldn’t let the experience go by without a mention.

This series is an age appropriate group run that spans 5 weeks. Ours extended out a bit due to rain delays, but we rolled with it. Liam fell within the Pre-K division, so each week, he ran a 50-yard dash. With the exception of running around the yard or the park, this was his very 1st experience with any kind of distance (for his age) or organized running. We have to say that he did a FABULOUS job & honestly LOVED ❤ it!

2015-04-12_Healthy Kids Running Series

Ready to Go…Week 1

2015-04-19_HKRS Race1

Giving it his all in Week 3….

2015-05-03_HKRS Week 3

All the boys were very focused on the finish line….super cute to see them all running together. Liam turned out to be quite the little competitor 😉

2015-05-17_HKRS Week 5

Action shot from the last race in Week 5….

2015-05-17_HKRS Week 5 _1

We asked Liam if he wanted to do this series just to give him the experience and a chance to try out running, and we are SO PROUD of how hard he worked and that he enjoyed himself so much. He actually consistently placed 2nd in each of the 5 races, so overall, he finished 2nd in the boys Pre-K division! WAY TO GO, LITTLE DUDE!!!

Every runner was awarded a medal of participation. Liam thought that was pretty cool!


If you have a Healthy Kids Running Series in your area, I would definitely recommend it. Such a positive experience for the kiddos and fun for the entire family.

We’re already looking forward to the next race 🙂

Until next time, friends!

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