November 2016

November Highlights

November is not quite done yet, and we’ve had a ton of fun! Here’s a peak at what we’ve been up to lately….

We just wrapped up Liam’s 2nd Healthy Kids Running Series race season. He aged into another group this year that put him into the 1/4 mile race as opposed to the 50-yard dash, so it was definitely more challenging for him, but he gave it 110% & was amazing! He had done the 1st series back in Spring 2015 and enjoyed the experience so much that he wanted to give it another go around. I will admit that I thought the 1/4 was a a lot for the kinders to do, but he did it every week. We continue to be SO VERY proud of this little dude! He is a special little guy ❤


Little man recently began taking weekly martial arts classes with Victory Martial Arts. We really love their facility & all the staff there. In addition to the fact that they are teaching him martial arts, they also teach the kids self-respect, self-discipline, good behavior, and good-manners. He’s already earned a stripe on his white belt and is up for a belt promotion next month. We’ll keep you posted! 🙂


Liam had his 1st elementary school field trip, which coincidentally was on Veteran’s Day. I didn’t have to work that day, so it was a perfect opportunity for me to be able to chaperone. We headed out to one of our favorite spots to visit in the fall — Green Meadows Petting Farm.


This trip was Liam’s very 1st time holding the baby chick by himself. He was super excited. I got to hang out with all boys in his class. They were a fun group & definitely kept me on my toes all day 😉


We couldn’t have asked for better weather & the farm was beautiful! Overall, it was a great field trip with his school ❤




Call me crazy, but afterwards, that same day of the field trip…..even though I was exhausted….I toted us over to the Millennia Mall for pictures with Santa. I LOVE the setup & the Santa there is the best & {even though it seems super early} going around Veteran’s Day is honestly the only way to avoid crazy long lines. Sooo, yes, some day, Liam will look back and say I was crazy. I’m okay with that 🙂


He loved his visit with Santa!! The picture is adorbs ❤ ….I will be posting that soon. Here he is just after he took it.


Being silly with mommy while waiting in line!


Our latest adventure was out to the Long & Scott’s Corn Maze in Mount Dora.


We’ve talked about doing this for a few years, but for one reason or another, it just never worked into our schedule. As much as I try to not overbook us on the weekends at this time of the year….I usually do. LOL! So, yes, this was our very 1st time literally going out & getting lost in a corn maze. It was a different experience for our family of 3, but we made it through. The conversation between us within the maze was pretty hilarious at times! It was also a tad bit warm that day, so it made for the getting lost part a bit more frustrating. I think we were all over it rather quickly.


It’s definitely been a busy month for us, but we’ve had a lot of fun!

Until next time, friends….

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July 2015, Latest & Greatest News

Healthy Kids Running Series

If you follow us on Instagram, then you already know how much fun we had for Liam’s 1st Healthy Kids Running Series. Admittedly, it took me embarrassingly long to get these pics together, as the spring series ended in May, but I couldn’t let the experience go by without a mention.

This series is an age appropriate group run that spans 5 weeks. Ours extended out a bit due to rain delays, but we rolled with it. Liam fell within the Pre-K division, so each week, he ran a 50-yard dash. With the exception of running around the yard or the park, this was his very 1st experience with any kind of distance (for his age) or organized running. We have to say that he did a FABULOUS job & honestly LOVED ❤ it!

2015-04-12_Healthy Kids Running Series

Ready to Go…Week 1

2015-04-19_HKRS Race1

Giving it his all in Week 3….

2015-05-03_HKRS Week 3

All the boys were very focused on the finish line….super cute to see them all running together. Liam turned out to be quite the little competitor 😉

2015-05-17_HKRS Week 5

Action shot from the last race in Week 5….

2015-05-17_HKRS Week 5 _1

We asked Liam if he wanted to do this series just to give him the experience and a chance to try out running, and we are SO PROUD of how hard he worked and that he enjoyed himself so much. He actually consistently placed 2nd in each of the 5 races, so overall, he finished 2nd in the boys Pre-K division! WAY TO GO, LITTLE DUDE!!!

Every runner was awarded a medal of participation. Liam thought that was pretty cool!


If you have a Healthy Kids Running Series in your area, I would definitely recommend it. Such a positive experience for the kiddos and fun for the entire family.

We’re already looking forward to the next race 🙂

Until next time, friends!

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