July 2015, Latest & Greatest News

Liam’s Big Boy Room Makeover

There have been some exciting updates that have happened around the house here in Casa de Murphy this summer! One of the most exciting that I want to share with you today is that we upgraded Mr. Liam’s room from his nursery decor to a full-on big boy room.

With the exception of converting his crib to a toddler bed back in June 2013, his room has been the same Β Disney Lion King theme since we 1st were getting ready for his arrival. I have to tell you that I had mixed emotions for this experience — sad to see the last of his baby things go out of his room but yet excited to watch & help him pick out his own furnishings.

Here’s a peak at what his room looked like before we began the update…….

Big Boy Room2

Big Boy Room1

Since Stephen & I had obviously picked the Lion King theme, we let Liam pick out what he wanted for his new room. Without hesitation, he wanted an Avengers Β / Super Heroes room. He also helped Stephen pick out the new colors for his walls:

2015-03-08_Liams New Paint Colors

He was a great helper, as well, with the paint πŸ˜‰

Big Boy Room3

Liam’s room is much smaller that we originally thought while 1st shopping for new beds. The placement of the door, window & closet also proved to make things a bit challenging. There were several beds we chose that ended up being too big or awkward of a fit when we measured to fit. We knew that we didn’t want to go through re-doing his room all over anytime soon, so we wanted a good, solid bed that would last awhile. We decided to go with bunk beds & opted for a twin over full. This particular one is a definite space-saver, as the left-hand side also have a set of SIX FULL drawers and FOUR cubbies to store toys, books, etc.! No need to buy an extra dresser for us. LOVE IT!

If you’re in need of kids furniture & you’re in Florida, we highly recommend Kids Furniture WarehouseΒ — great quality & awesome prices!

Big Boy Room6

As soon as Liam declared he wanted the Avengers for his room, I started scouting online for bargain deals and of course, cute bedding. I found this set on 50% clearance with JCPenney!! What an awesome deal!! πŸ™‚

Big Boy Room5

The window valance I found at Bed Bath & Beyond

Big Boy Room4

Big Boy Room7

Grammy & Papa Rock gave us these awesome pictures above of Hulk & Captain America (hung above the top bunk), as well as a signed poster from the Incredible Hulk movie πŸ™‚ …all GREAT additions to the room!! Best of all, it was re-purposing items they already had. Gotta love that!

The bookshelf is from Target, but was in his room previously …we just kept & reused it.

Big Boy Room8

Stephen found these art deco posters at Target and we framed them. I really love how the Marvel & DC one turned out on the blue wall.

The striped bin, lamp & end table were also Target finds! I used the bin to store some of his stuffed animals that were previously ALL over the floor (we condensed down). Other stuffed animals were tossed up on the top bunk. The end table looks like a locker and is dark blue (I love it!) ….The drawer is perfect for holding super hero figures πŸ˜‰

Big Boy Room9

I’ve seen many people post about these 3D wall art nightlights. We got one for Liam’s Avenger’s room. Target carries quite a few different variety’s, so little man got to pick out which one he wanted. Despite the Hulk being his fav, he actually chose the Iron Man hand. It really does look cool!!

Big Boy Room10

My “big” project for the room was painting letters for his name and adding Mod Podge to comic book pages to put on the letters. I picked up the letters at Target (can you tell yet I LOVE me some Target πŸ˜‰ ) and some red craft paint — all of it came from their new DIY section …if you’re crafty or even a wanna-a-be, like me, it’s a pretty cool section.

Overall, I am pretty pleased with how the letters turned out!

Big Boy Room12

Liam’s room makeover was a lot of work (mostly for Daddy who did a FAB job), but it was SO MUCH FUN! The best part is that Liam is totally in love with it — total win!!

Big Boy Room15

Β TheEnd

Until next time, friends!

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December 2014, Latest & Greatest News


Last Friday, we had the amazing opportunity to go to the Marvel Universe LIVE! show at the Amway Center.

2014-12-05_Marvel Live Show 110

Don’t have to tell you that little man was pretty captivated πŸ˜‰ ….full show review with fun pics coming soon on Orlando Mom’s Blog!

2014-12-05_Marvel Live Show 106


Saturday, we were excited for our Annual Gingerbread House Decorating Party with our gang! I can’t believe this is the 5th year we’ve gotten together to do this. So fun!

2014-12-06_4th Annual Gingerbread Party 001*

For a look back on last year’s festivities, check out our post here.

BEFORE the craziness
BEFORE the craziness

Lisa is AMAZING because she collects ALL the gingerbread house kits from us beforehand and works hard to build them & puts together this beautiful spread for the families. All we have to do is show up & have fun πŸ™‚



Daddy & Liam kicked off the decorating.

2014-12-06_4th Annual Gingerbread Party 004

Someone might have been eating more candy than what was going on the house, at one point πŸ˜‰

2014-12-06_4th Annual Gingerbread Party 007

Working hard…..

2014-12-06_4th Annual Gingerbread Party 011

Mommy helping out with the action

2014-12-06_4th Annual Gingerbread Party 013

All done & proud of his work of art ❀

2014-12-06_4th Annual Gingerbread Party 020

So much fun!!

2014-12-06_4th Annual Gingerbread Party 028


And then, peeps…..there was this πŸ˜‰

Lisa & Stephen continued their crazy {yet hilarious} tradition of decorating their own house after the kids wrapped things up. Let me tell you….it was serious business. They even recruited Haven this time around to help them.

2014-12-06_4th Annual Gingerbread Party 029

Gettin’ crazy!! LOL! πŸ™‚

2014-12-06_4th Annual Gingerbread Party 024

Ta da! ….they are not proud or anything…ha!

2014-12-06_4th Annual Gingerbread Party 031


The Bengel’s neighborhood has a fun tradition in December of a surprise visit by Santa. We were thrilled that he came by after the party…great timing!! Liam was SO surprised that he came all the way down from the North Pole just to say hi to them! πŸ™‚

2014-12-06_4th Annual Gingerbread Party 054

After that, he discovered the Bengel’s Polar Express choo-choo train {again} & that was all she wrote, folks. If you recall, he found this last year & we couldn’t pull him away. He LOVES trains!

2014-12-06_4th Annual Gingerbread Party 037

It was a fantastic evening at our Gingerbread Party with friends!! We laughed that we’ll be doing this each year until at some point, the kids will be sick of it and it will be just the adults on the patio decorating the houses πŸ˜‰ …

Until next time, friends!