July 2013, Latest & Greatest News

Latest & Greatest News — Weekend Wrap Up

On Friday, we were happy to have my dad & step-mom [Liam’s, Papa-G and G-Ma] come for a visit. It was really great to spend some time with them, and they got to see how big our little man is getting. Liam was extra excited to get some extra birthday presents, too 🙂

Liam with Papa-G

2013-07-26_liam and papa G_3

Papa-G & G-Ma brought their fur babies, so Liam got to make some new friends.

Here he is with “Uncle Vinny”

2013-07-26_liam and vinny

Papa-G and Liam cooking up some deliciousness

2013-07-26_liam and papa G_4

Liam enjoying his new birthday presents from Papa-G & G-Ma

2013-07-26_liam and papa G_bday presents 2

Liam, Papa-G, and G-Ma

2013-07-26_liam and papa G and sunny

When I picked Liam up from school on Friday, I had to clean out his things from his toddler room, as he’s getting ready to fully move into the early preschool room this week. Below is the picture from his cubby in the toddler room…it was so cute!! I believe they took this back in January when he 1st started in that room. He was probably about 1 1/2 at that point. This is a picture of a picture [with tape over it] so sorry, it’s a little fuzzy.

2013-01_Suite 200 Cubby Pic

Today (monday) was a big day…1st day going to school with his big boy backpack. I know what some of you may be thinking….what the heck does a 2 year old need with a backpack? Well, I’ll tell ya…..in all of his other rooms, he’s had a drawer to stow away his extra clothes for spills, blow-outs, etc. This new room doesn’t have that so they ask for a backpack to keep the extra items in. Neat idea & good practice for down the road. This one we chose is from skip hop, and I got ours on Target online. Great deal! ..and toddler size! LOVE IT

2013-07-29_1st day with backpack_2

Seriously…..CUTEST EVER!! 🙂

2013-07-29_1st day with backpack

This week is going to be a GREAT week because it’s Liam’s 2nd Birthday week!! We’ve been looking forward to this for awhile now, but a part of me still can’t believe my baby is going to be TWO YEARS OLD!! WOW!! I hope to find some time in the next few day to post some more. Stay tuned!!

3 thoughts on “Latest & Greatest News — Weekend Wrap Up”

    1. Hey lady! We’re doing cake with his presents this weekend but no party this year. We decided to take him to the Magic Kingdom instead on his birthday (tomorrow). We thought that might be more fun this year while we could still get away with it since he doesn’t quite realize it’s his birthday. Probably do a party again next year.


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