April 2015, Latest & Greatest News

Our Easter Egg-Stravaganza! {2015}

As usual, I am a bit behind with my post but luckily, not as late as I was at this time last year 🙂

April just ends up being a busy month for us. Lots happening — Liam got a new room, we just finished up his swim refresher lessons, me & Stephen’s anniversary, and all the other fun day-to-day business that keeps this family afloat. I will definitely be sharing some of this with you soon!

2015-04-04_Marshmallow Drop EDITED

We knew Liam would be doing a few Easter Egg hunts throughout the Easter week, so on Easter weekend, we decided to do something a little different & headed out to the City of Oviedo’s Annual Marshmallow Drop.

2015-04-04_Marshmallow Drop 2 EDITED

It was pretty cool. Liam got to see a helicopter drop an enormous amount of marshmallows on the field & we ran out to gather them up in his basket. He just made the 3 & under age group, so that was fun. The event separated the kids by age, so there were several “drops”. The kids then got to exchange their marshmallows for candy. Cute!

2015-04-04_Marshmallow Drop 3 EDITED

The Easter Bunny came while little dude was asleep….I’ve mentioned before that Liam does NOT like characters in costume (e.g, the Easter Bunny). We had told him he was coming while he would be sleeping to leave him a basket of goodies. Well, normally, he would come out of his room as soon as he woke up…not Easter morning. We had to go in & get him — he wasn’t scared but he definitely asked us to make sure the bunny was gone 😉

2015-04-05_Easter Basket 2015 EDITED

Most of his basket came from the Target dollar spot (so dangerous but I LOVE it!!) …he was super excited to see Baymax in the mix and the new Tinkerbell movie!

2015-04-05_Easter EDITED

After he had some time to explore the findings in his basket, we headed out front in our pj’s to discover that EB had left many eggs hidden all over the yard 🙂

Later that morning, we enjoyed lunch with several of our friends. Yes, I took a pic of the dessert — it was only fitting….haha!

2015-04-05_Easter 4 EDITED

There was an egg hunt for the kiddos after we ate. Serious business, peeps! Some of those eggs were really hidden. So funny! The girls did a great job putting it together for them.

2015-04-05_Easter 3 EDITED

Liam was thrilled to have his buddies, Allie & James, to play with. Here they are after the hunt exchanging their finding from the hunt 😉

2015-04-05_Easter 1 EDITED

There was even a pinata! Look at the swing on this kid! I think T-ball is in his future 🙂

2015-04-05_Easter 2 EDITED

We really enjoyed our Easter weekend and had a great time with great people!

2015-04-05_Easter Family Pic EDITED

Until next time, friends!


April 2014, Latest & Greatest News

Celebrating Spring

Recently, we attempted to visit the Easter Bunny for our yearly memory making pic. I have to say that we were successful with this for Liam’s 1st Easter back in 2012. Here’s that pic {not the greatest quality, sorry}, which was taken on March 25th, 2012…

Liam Bunny Pic

After that 1st year, he figured out that a giant bunny was not so fun, so last year & this year were a no go in the picture department. Luckily, last year, we opted to trek over to the Millenia Mall, as my OCD self wanted to do pictures with “that” bunny. Yes, I know…I am crazy, but to me, how the bunny looked, mattered 🙂 …When it became apparent that the picture wasn’t happening, the guys working the station motioned us over to the side of the area and asked us to do these candid spring time pictures. I guess it is their business that they run along side the Easter Bunny get-up and it’s a quick session but you get all the pics they take on CD for $40 with no sitting fee. Not a bad deal, at all, in our opinion. Plus, we think the pictures turn out pretty darn amazing!

Here’s a look back at last year’s pictures that were taken on March 10th, 2013. ….



Since we were figuring Liam was not going to be friends again with the Easter Bunny, we planned a trip back to Millenia. Last year, the two guys who took his pictures told us they would be back again this year, so I was counting on that. Not gonna lie when I say I was excited to see them when we arrived. Liam said  he was going to sit with the Easter Bunny as we were on the way there, but as soon as he saw the big guy, it was a big, fat, NO…lol. We were not gonna force it.

This year’s pictures were taken on Sunday, April 6th…so, just over a full year later. We got almost 40 pictures this time around. Here are some of our favs. What a difference a year makes, right?!?!









2014-04-06_black white candid

Happy Spring!!! // Happy Easter!!!


Love you, Liam Michael